Guardian Walkathon 2016 for Charity & Healthier Lifestyle

Happy Malaysia Day! Well thousands including myself and friends turned up at Putrajaya’s iconic wetland for Guardian’s 2016 Walkathon today to celebrate Malaysia Day and to commit to a healthier lifestyle despite it was a drizzling morning. No matter rain or shine we will be there…

Guardian’s 2016 Walkathon for Charity & Healthier Lifestyle

We saw many came in groups, couples and as families; young and old, and many came in special national costumes to mark the occasion. I love their colorful costumes and effort put in to tailor made their costumes.

Guardian’s 2016 Walkathon Flag Off

Guardian’s 2016 Walkathon is a fun walk for everyone and it was drizzling that morning. So we walked with our umbrella. It was fun thou as I enjoyed the cool weather and also chat with friends along the 3km brisk walk.

Besides the walk, there were games, product samplings and a lucky draw for everyone.
In conjunction with the walkathon, Guardian Malaysia donated a total of RM300,000 to 15 homes across the country. Each home received RM20,000. Part of the charity funds came from the Walkathon ticket sales, but the bulk of the RM300,000 came from Guardian Malaysia.  

Representatives of three of the homes received their cheques from Christina Low, Marketing Director at the prize presentation ceremony. They are from the Rumah Penyayang Ulin Nuha; Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Yatim Muhammad Al-Fateh, Pusat Jagaan Pertubuhan Anak-Anak Yatim Darul Aminan.

Congrats to some of my friends who won Outstanding Costume Competition. For more information about Guardian’s 2016 Walkathon for Charity & Healthier Lifestyle, please Guardian Malaysia Website and Facebook Page


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  2. That was really fun, congrats to all the winner.

  3. Incredible program, everyone enjoyed that so much.


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