Love What You Eat Without Gaining Weight

Jom makan! Food always excite us and we Malaysians love to eat. Well coming from a multi-cultural country, we get to enjoy a wide variety of food from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Baba Nyonya and many more cuisine. Whenever there is celebration, occasion or festive season, there will be food. Tell me about it, how can one resist all these delicacies? Sometimes I do feel guilty when I over indulged. However recently I tried a new product that can help us to burn fats faster and block carbs. Do you want to know how you can love what you eat without gaining weight?

Love What You Eat Without Gaining Weight

Recently I have been feasting quite a bit and thanks to Vitraplus Cabloc I am able to enjoy all the delicious food without gaining weight. Of course along the way, I do exercise regularly as well and it helps to expedite the efficacy of Cabloc.

Love What You Eat without Gaining Weight with Vitraplus Cabloc 

Did you know that Malaysians are among the fattest people in Asia? According to the World Health Organisation 2014 report, about 38.5% (11.55 million) of Malaysians are overweight and 13.3% (3.99 million) are obese. This result is scary but it is not surprising, simply because we all love to eat.

Preventing guilty food pleasures with Vitraplus Cabloc

We indulge in guilty pleasures although we know that nasi lemak has 644 calories, roti canai 360 calories and teh tarik 83 calories. But yet we still eat it, go for late night suppers, buffet, parties or gatherings and get into the habit of sleeping right after eating.

So how to manage our weight at the same time be able to enjoy all these food? Well, AJ Research and Pharma Sdn Bhd introduced Vitraplus Cabloc, a natural weight loss supplement to help us to stay fit safely.

The five active ingredients in Vitraplus Cabloc

I am very careful when it comes to consuming weight lost products. I will make sure I checked all the details and taking natural product is still the safer way to lose weight. It is formulated from five active ingredients; namely raspberry fruit extract, white kidney bean extract, green coffee bean extract, gymnema leaves extract and prickly pear cactus stem extract.

The uniqueness of Vitraplus Cabloc is its raspberry fruit extract ingredient – the first of its kind. Vitraplus Cabloc comes in a pack of 60 vege capsules and individual packed for hygiene purposes in blisters. There are 10 vege capsule in a blister and total of 6 blisters in a pack.

Take 2  to 3 Vitraplus Cabloc capsules every day after my breakfast

For the past 4 weeks I have been taking 2 capsules every day after my breakfast. Then I go on with my regular activities, attending events, food reviews and trips. As you know we tend to eat more when we go on trips because of the dinners and buffet in the hotel. Anyway with all these feasting, I still manage to keep my weight in check.

Some said that when we take weight lost supplements we might get tired easily, mood swing or diarrhea. But when I take Vitraplus Cabloc I don’t encounter such symptom. I went to toilet more regularly and after taking Vitraplus Cabloc I don’t really crave for sweet food or get hungry so easily all these actually helps to control my weight as well.

Healthy lifestyle such as well-balanced diet and regular exercise combined Vitraplus Cabloc help to boost weight loss

My overall experience taking the Cabloc is quite pleasant. Even though I indulged in buffets, fatty food like ribs and lambs, cheesecakes and fried food I still managed to maintain my weight and shape. By right if I eat like this, there will be a surge in my weight as well as my tummy and waist line. However it is under contro l when I consume Cabloc daily. When I am not indulging in such fattening food, I eat moderately and opt for a well-balanced diet plus exercise.

Well, now I am thinking if I could cut down all these excessive eating and opt for a healthy lifestyle like balanced diet plus regular exercise combined with Cabloc, I will be able to lose some weight. Hope to try that out, so that I can wear all those sexy dresses during Christmas. 

How Does Vitraplus Cabloc Work?

Block Carbohydrates: Cabloc’s Raspberry Fruit Extract (Raspberry Ketone) is the key ingredient to prevent breakdown of carbohydrates in our intestine so that the excess glucose will not be stored as fats in our body. It helps to boost our lipid metabolism to reduce excess fats plus prevent obesity. With the combination of white kidney bean extract to reduce the carbohydrate absorption that causes weight gain.

Burn Fats: The Green Coffee Bean Extract is a proven source to inhibit fat accumulation and absorption into our body while boosts glucose and fat metabolism rate in our liver, burning more fats and support lean body mass for weight loss.

Suppress Sugar Craving: The Gymnema Leaves Extract in Cabloc helps to suppress the activation of sugar molecules in our taste buds and delays the glucose absorption to avoid excess storage as fats.

High in Nutrition: The Pricky Pear Cactus Stem extract found in Cabloc is highly nutritional in minerals and vitamins to keep our diet balanced.
These are the 5 key ingredients specially formulated to promote effective weight loss with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Now you can enjoy your food without guilt and without gaining weight. Vitraplus Cabloc weight loss supplement is registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

Love What You Eat Without Gaining Weight with Vitraplus Cabloc. Just take two to three capsules in the morning after breakfast is all it takes for consumers to see the difference within five weeks. For maximum result, Vitraplus Cabloc is best consumed with a well-balanced diet and regular physical activities.

Vitraplus Cabloc is now available in Watsons Stores plus via Watsons online shop at and all leading pharmacies.


  1. Very informative post! Had a look at this product before but contemplating whether I should get it or not.

  2. I shall consider have one in future, thanks for spreading!

  3. I wish I can get one of this... I need this badly.. I am so fat from all the stress and the food.. hahahaha

  4. Thanks for your review! I'm going to check at Watsons Philippines if they sell it. I would like to try.

  5. Great to know Cabloc able to helps you with your weight management. Yeah.. being active is equally important!

  6. I want to try it too to reduce my weight. Gaining weight now after tonnes of food review.

  7. It really is not easy maintaining weight and shape, especially for a food blogger. Sometimes, exercise is not sufficient, too.

  8. i'm taking this too! :), so far got see some results.

  9. wow is this your secret to not gain weight? you have successfully done it well for real.

  10. thanks for the review, Kelly. Always wanted to find something which is helpful, but yet not harmful to our health. I think this product does help.

  11. This is the answer to our prayers right Kelly? No more guilt after indulging in our daily meals.


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