Asics DynaFlyte Review

Why a good cushioning running shoes important for us? Well if you encounter knees or ankles pain after running, high chances that your running shoes cushion has worn out or perhaps you are wearing the wrong type of shoes. Always ensure that you wear a good cushioning running shoes to prevent injuries especially knees. Recently I tried and tested Asics DynaFlyte running shoes, the lightest cushioning shoe for runners who want speed.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes Review

I love the overall retro look with neon yellow, lime green, orange and light blue mixed with gray mesh and black stripes. The upper mesh is soft. The tongue is comfortably padded and the heels come with a durable lining in the shoes.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes Design

DynaFlyte is the first use of Pure FlyteFoam Technology through a full-length FlyteFoam midsole engineered to deliver lightweight and highly-functional cushioning. This allows the runners to experience ASICS‘ latest patented lightweight midsole and responsive cushioning technology in its purest form.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes Review

My few first runs with the shoes were 5km, 10km and 15km road running with slight up and down hills roads. The shoes have a firm grip on my feet and it is much lighter so I am able to swing my leg easier. This make me run faster right, of course the stamina is important too.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes Pure FlyteFoam Technology 

When landing on descending roads I don’t feel the impact on my knees or ankle. One thing I really enjoy running when I wear my ASICS DynaFlyte, the landing is soft and every strike is smooth. With less shoe weight to swing forward, we can use less energy loss and more efficient and the potential to unlock speed at any distance.

ASICS DynaFlyte is weight only at about 270g

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes is only weight at about 270g, it is for runners who are looking for a shoe that offers both lightweight and superior cushioning to unlock their speed. Maintaining effective cushioning while simultaneously reducing a shoe‘s weight is a key challenge in running footwear development for ASICS.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes Review

Overall the ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes gives the comfort, support, cushion and it is lightweight. It is the solution for runners who want speed and looking for lightweight plus good cushioning shoes. Always wear comfortable running shoes with good cushioning when you run to prevent any injuries.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes is price at RM549 

ASICS DynaFlyte is retail price is RM549 and is now available at all ASICS stores and select specialty and sporting goods stores. For more information about ASICS DynaFlyte, please visit ASICS Malaysia Facebook and Website


  1. Though I'm a bit loyal to my current running shoe brand, I've always wanted to try Asics for my runs probably because more and more of my friends are now getting their pairs of Asics.

  2. ive never tried a pair from them before. i always walk past them. i love the pair youve picked out

  3. Oh, nice shoes and review. I like the design although I am not that familiar with the brand.


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