Video & Interview: YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest

The heat is still on for YouTube Fan Fest 2015! The one in Bangkok just ended last week. Well, it was a fun and exciting moment meeting all the YouTube stars and youtubers at YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore two weeks ago. There many performances, shows, fireside chats with the stars, meet & greets, academies, educational workshops, press conferences, and also interview sessions at SCAPE, Orchard Link.

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest

We managed to catch the YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore press conference on Friday late noon after the HP launch. The room was rather cozy with all the YouTube superstars such as Kurt Schneider (US), Tiffany Alvord (US), Jason Chen (US), India Bakchod (IN), Bubzbeauty (HK), Macy Kate (US), The Fung Brothers (US), Timothy DeLaGhetto (US), Wong Fu Productions (US), BBTran (VT), Bie The Ska (TH), Gentle Bones (SG), Jakarta Beat Box (ID), JinnyBoyTV (MY), Jianhao Tan (SG), Cheokboard Studios (SG), Benjamin Kheng (SG), Grizzle Grind Crew (SG), Last Day Production (ID), Munah & Hirzi (SG), Naomi Neo (SG), Night Owl Cinematics (SG), Noah Yap (SG), PaperbugTV (PH), Roseanne Tang (SG), ShiGGa Shay (SG), The Sam Willows (SG), Tosh Rock (SG), Wahbanana (SG), YanKayKay SG) and Yeah1TV (VT).

YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore 
press conference

During the press conference and interview session, the YouTubers shared about the content quality, how they started, what drives them, how to convert youtube to mp3, and what were the obstacles that they encountered along the way, their ups and downs and etc... I have recorded some part of it, do check out my video during the YouTube Fan Fest 2015 press conference. There are so much to learn, create content is not only for our own satisfaction, we have to ask ourselves why and why people want to share our content? 

With my favorite YouTube stars

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, youtuber, Bubzbeauty from HK
with Bubzbeauty from HK

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, youtuber, Kurt Schneider from US
with Kurt Schneider from US

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, YouTube Academy with HP, YouTube Academy
YouTube Academy with HP participants from MalaysiaTimothy Zarsadias, Alvin Lee, Alicia Tan, Ernest Ng

Before I flew back to Kuala Lumpur I managed to interview four winners of YouTube Academy with HP from Malaysia. They are Alicia Tan Aan Li, Alvin Lee Le Shen, Ernest Ng Thye Sern, and Timothy Joshua Zarsadias. They joined the YouTube FanFest Academy with HP to gain more knowledge, skills, and exposure. At the same time, this is a great platform for them to meet more friends, YouTubers, and share their experience.

Basically, the YouTube Academy with HP is a 6-month program from May till October 2015 that will provide the participants with the skills and resources to bring their creativity into life. This is a platform for the young generation of creative talent in South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand) and Hong Kong creating and share their passion and inspiration to the world.

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway
The swimming pool view in the hotel that I stayed
at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, Makan @ Jen, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway
Healthy lunch at Makan @ Jen in Hotel Jen Orchardgateway before heading to the
HP YTFF press conference 

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, StraitsKitchen, Grand Hyatt Singapore
We had scrumptious buffet dinner at StraitsKitchen
in Grand Hyatt Singapore

Video Interview, YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore, YouTube Fan Fest, SCAPE
YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore at SCAPE

Thanks to HP Malaysia and Asia Pacific for the invitation and great hospitality at YouTube Fan Fest 2015 Singapore. For more information about the YouTube Academy with HP, please visit


  1. vbloggers are very popular here in Manila as well. do you also vblog kelly?
    I would want to swim on that infinity pool, lol

  2. What a wonderful gathering of YouTube people, or the VBloggers. I think the world of YouTube is amazing, like you can feel you are just talking with someone infront of you.

  3. A happy gathering for YouTubers!

  4. It's nice of YouTube to spearhead this program. The exposure that participants will get from the program will truly benefit them & it will surely take them places.

    I didn't know til today that Hotel Jen is an international hotel chain. We have one here but it was an old hotel that was renovated. It used to have a different name and they changed it to Hotel Jen.

  5. Thanks for sharing the Youtube Fest! It's great meeting you and hope to see you soon!

  6. It must have been so awesome meeting all these YouTube sensations in one place! Must've been such a fun event! :)

  7. I can just imagine how wacky a meeting of Youtube stars can be! All with larger than life personalities. You get a chance to see if his online persona is the same offline or not.

  8. You Tube moves its marketing power through this event. The famous YouTube continuously seeking the level of excellent for longer time. Glad you attended this positive event.

  9. So lucky of you to be there! I saw Tiffany's post with the Wongfu Productions and I felt so jealous already! Knowing that many of the bloggers we exchange with was there too, I envy you guys more! Haha. I wish they can come to Philippines too. :)

  10. I wish Youtube would have an event like this too! I'd be delighted to attend. And the place looks really cool. Hmmm, hopefully, one day You Tube would have fan fest here too.

  11. This is definitely an awesome fest! Thanks for sharing~

  12. I could learn a lot on this youtubers. There's a really big potential with youtube and video posts.

  13. Wong Fu Productions has always been my favorite Youtubers because they’re very inspiring. I also admire KevJumba, but sadly he hasn’t uploaded videos in a long time. I’m a bit jealous and awed that you met with all those Youtube sensations.

  14. You looked like you had a lot of fun! Certainly it looked like an inspiring event - hope you like Singapore too!

  15. Thank you. So happy to just read and watch the video :D :D Shall dream of going there one day! :D

  16. this is nice seeing the Youtube superstars in flesh ... i could learn how to make a viral post from them ...

  17. Wow! I hope YouTube could set up events like this here in PHL and invited Filipino bloggers too.

  18. I love watching on Youtube! It must've been so cool to meet these Youtube stars and learn about content making from them. :) Anyhow, I love Bubz and Wong Fu Productions! Would've loved to be there too and meet them in person. ^_^

  19. Hi! Just found this. Thanks for sharing!


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