Asia 2015: QS University Rankings

Asia 2015, QS University Rankings

Malaysia improves its standing in the 7th edition of the rankings and National University of Singapore (NUS) confirms its leadership as Asia’s top institution in the seventh QS University Rankings.

NUS’s success is mirrored by Nanyang Technological University (NTU), which climbs up to the fourth place, its highest ever position since the inception of this study. While Singapore is holding firmly to the gold medal, its rival education hub, Hong Kong claims the silver one with Hong Kong University placing second followed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (5th) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (6th).
Korea takes the bronze medal, with KAIST (3rd), Seoul National University (8th) and Postech (10th).

2015             2014                    Top 10 institutions
1                   1                NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE (NUS)        SG
2                   3                UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (HKU)                       HK
3                   2                KAIST - KOREA ADVANCED                
                                      INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY           KR
4                   7                NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (NTU)     SG
5                   5                THE HONG KONG UNIVERSITY
                                      OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (HKUST)              HK
6                   6                THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF
                                      HONG KONG (CUHK)                                             HK
7                   8                PEKING UNIVERSITY                                              CN
8                    4               SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SNU)                     KR
9                   11              CITY UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG                         HK
10                 9                POHANG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE
                                      AND TECHNOLOGY (POSTECH)                              KR

Malaysia improves its standing in the Asian rankings. Of the 21 universities featured among the top 300, seventeen rise compared to last year, while three drop and one remains unchanged. University of Malaya (29th) breaks into the Top 30 and achieves its best score in the faculty/student ratio indicator, placing 11th regionally.

An excellent performance is recorded also in the international faculty indicator where, despite dropping two places, UM ranks 19th in Asia. Universiti Sains Malaysia( 49th) breaks into the top 50, having improved in the academic reputation indicator, (based on a survey of  42,561 academics), in the faculty/student ratio which measures the proportion between students and teaching staff, and the paper per faculty indicator, which measures the research productivity. USM has also slightly improved in the international faculty indicator.

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