Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner Review

Ramadan is coming soon, last week I had a scrumptious Malay cuisine at the Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner at Hotel Majestic. There are some of the dishes that I still carving for and they are specially crafted with the generations old recipes replicated by Chef Zaidi and his team.

Kambing Panggang with nasi briyani

The Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner had more than a hundred of classic Malay recipes from around Malaysia such as Kambing Panggang which is marinated with Middle Eastern influenced dry rub. As you know, at every Ramadan buffet the roast lamb and nasi biryani is a must to try. I like their aromatic biryani rice and well marinated lamb with the mint sauce.

Satay Kampung

Pajeri Kedondong

Oh yes, there are some specialty that we hardly get is the Pajeri Kedondong, usually I have juice kedondong but this is pajeri I like it with my biryani rice. Its slightly sour and spicy and the kedondong is bit crunchy. You must try their Mee Rebus although is a simple dish but the kuah / gravy of the mee rebus is thick and has a shrimp flavour.

Ayam Goreng Berempah
Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili Api
The Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner is priced at RM100nett per person and its located at the Level 3 of Hotel Majestic starting 24th June till 12th July. You will received a lunch gift certificate for 2 persons at Contango for bookings more than 50 persons. For reservation please call +603-2785 8000.

Lemang Pulut & Serunding

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