Sunday Blast! Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party

Sunday Blast, Bloggers BBQ Poolside BBQ Party

There is always rainbow after the rain… It applies to the nature and our life too. Well, yesterday was a raining Sunday however that never stops the party from going on. As mentioned earlier, I was at Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party @ Opal Damansara Condominium. When I walked to the poolside I spotted familiar faces smiling, children laughter, the aroma of food and colourful balloons ~ sunday blast.

The weekend was really a back to back BBQ parties on Saturday was for friends’ birthday and Sunday for bloggers’ gathering. At the bloggers BBQ party I had fun catching up with other bloggers and also get to know their family members, sort of bloggers family day too. 

Twilight Style Photograph by Zung, The Ninja Photographer

We were queuing up for our twilight style photograph taken by the amazing Zung, The Ninja Photographer

I got my sample photo and really love his artistic, angle and classy way in showing his work. I can’t wait for the rest of the photographs to be up. Do check out this Facebook page for more photographs.

Children Jewelry Making Workshop 

The children were also occupied at Jewelry making workshop hosted by Angie, the founder of Elegant Jewellery Studio & Kelvin Gems. Well, cultivate creativity from young, I am sure the parents will be very proud of their child’s jewelry creation. I have attended her jewelry making class for adults a few months ago, till now I love my creation and personalized jewelry.

Face & Body Art by Fannie

Who like face painting? This is not only for children, the adults like it too especially during parties or event. Here you go Face & Body Art by Fannie, one of the talented artists that create a more memorable experience at the event.

Bakarlah BBQ

Here comes the food! OMG… we had so much to eat and drink plus the delectable cakes from Eastin Hotel. Awesome lah! The BBQ lamb was to die for… I love the slightly spicy, flavorful and juicy marinated lamb & chicken. We were queuing up for lamb, then we took over Abang Johan’s duty. We BBQ ourselves,  muahaha. 

If you planning for a BBQ party at home, office or event safe yourself from all the hassle just check out Bakarlah BBQ & Rental they have everything to cater to your event.

BBQ fresh saba mackerel 

Hey! I did not forget about the seafood… how do you like your shisamo fish? Grilled, fried or bbq? I forgot how many bbq shisamo I had yesterday. That was so fresh. There were saba mackerel and tiger prawns too all freshly supplied by the GST Group fish supply.

Some decided to have a quick swim or dipped in the pool to cool down. There are some games for the children too. We love the colourful balloons by Balloon Buzz USJ Taipan As usual when bloggers get together, we love to take photographs and selfies… the more the merrier.

Did we go back empty handed? nooo... yay we brought back these goodies ~ Skin Renew Perfect Foot Mask from Shills; Cash Vouchers from HeiSushi and Complimentary Ribeye Steak plus Milkshare from NY Steak Shack. Aww… saya suka!

Last but not least, thanks to all the sponsors and Sidney Kan, Big Boys Oven for organizing this Sunday Blast! Bloggers BBQ Poolside BBQ Party was awesome. I bet all of us had fun and it was a memorable one. Hope to have more gatherings like this in the future. 


  1. ouh! heaven of foods! hihihi...nice one! :)

  2. Saya pun banyak suka itu party dan you punya blog... Saya kasi two thumbs up... Hehehe

    1. Hi Miera, saya amat sayang kamu. Sejak bila you berbahasa dengan I pulak ni... Alright back to our usual. Hope to see you after your trip.

  3. Amazing party with great people! Catch up with you again soon :)


  4. Love your photos. Everything looks so good. Esp love that pic of pretty ladies in a row :)

    1. Thanks Merryn & glad to meet you and your family there too.


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