Bio-Life Astaxanthin Review

Are you taking any oral skincare supplement? Well, skincare is important for external however oral skincare supplement is also important to rejuvenate and repair our overall skin conditions from inside. I am one of those who consume it but before I try it I will check thoroughly that the product is safe. Safety is my priority when it comes to beauty products especially those that we consume. Have you heard of Astaxanthin?

Recently I have tried the new Bio-Life Astaxanthin. The first thing I did when I received it was to check out what is Astaxanthin? I tried collagen, soy and etc for skin supplements but astaxanthin sound technical and scientific to me. As a consumer we need to know what we are eating, is it safe, does it have any side effect and does it give any improvements to my skin or not?

What is Astaxanthin?
Astaxanthin is a powerful, naturally occurring carotenoid pigment that's found in certain marine plants and animals. Often called "the king of the carotenoids," astaxanthin is recognized as being one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. Astaxanthin never becomes a pro-oxidant in the body so it can never cause harmful oxidation.

Astaxanthin is found in its highest natural concentration in wild Pacific sockeye salmon. It is also found in krill, algae, red trout, shrimp, crab, and lobster. We actually consume Astaxanthin in our daily food intake.

The Benefits of Astaxanthin
Antioxidant – Astaxanthin is an antioxidant so it naturally reduces free radicals in the body. But besides that, it also reduces the oxidative load in the body by protecting the cells against oxidation.

Eye Health – The structure of astaxanthin is similar to lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that have been shown to reduce the risk of nuclear cataracts.

Skin Health – Astaxanthin has been shown to help improve skin moisture levels, elasticity, and smoothness while reducing wrinkles, freckles, and spots.

Overall Health – Astaxanthin helps to improve heart heath, cellular health, and the body's immune system.

The Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg is an anti-oxidant which studies have revealed to greatly improve skin through the reduction of wrinkles, age spots and moisture loss, while also promoting better skin elasticity. A dose of Astaxanthin a day promotes improvements to skin health and also reduces skin damage caused by sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet light.


It has become a routine that every morning when I woke up I take a capsule of Astaxanthin, then go to shower and get myself ready for the day; after 30 minutes then I take my breakfast. The capsule is deep orange color and it has a bit of fishy smell, just very minimum and bearable.

Initially when I started taking Astaxanthin I feel thirsty very fast not because I ate salty food or what, perhaps is the sign that my body need more water. I am glad that I drank more water at the same time go to the toilet more often; which is good for me.

Overall, I feel that the Bio-Life Astaxanthin gives gradual improvements to my skin. I can feel that skin condition because more moist especially on lips and my rough elbow. My nails no longer chipped of so often. As you can see my skin tone has become less yellowish, smoother and the pigmentations getting less visible. My skin is now brighter and glows. It’s quite convenient to just consume 1 capsule a day.  

Remember there is no ugly woman, only lazy woman. If you want to look good you need to put in your effort and time. Show more tender loving care to our skin and love ourselves.  

Price: RM100.70

Availability: Bio-Life Astaxanthin is available at all leading pharmacies

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  1. Yeah, saw some visible improvements :)

    1. Thanks Ai Leen, pigmentation becoming less visible.

  2. Ni makan sebelum or selepas ye??..coz first saya baru nk try..

  3. I noticed that you took it before breakfast? I thought its best taken after bfast for better absorption? Pls advise. Can it be taken after dinner?


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