All Set to Vintage for Spring 2015

Well lately I am into collecting vintage stuff such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bags or even home décor only the smaller pieces as I can't afford the huge vintage furniture that cost a bomb. It attracts me personally, I know I might not be wearing or using them but having them gives me satisfaction. Have you heard of this popular vintage Korean label called lapalette?

Well, lapalette is a French name which translates to “The Palette” is known for its whimsical and artisanal handcrafted vintage bags. When it comes to handbag, we will say yes and the more the merrier, right…

For this season lapalette is ushering the new season in with a loud bang in its signature bold and colourful style that cater to every occasion in a girl’s diary, living true by its name as an everday palette of fashion and style with a contemporary twist of art.

Yes to K-Pop!!! We know that in the late nineties, K-pop influenced fashion took the world by storm riding on it’s “hallyu wave”. Traditionally, Korean culture places almost impossibly high expectations on immaculate grooming and an impeccable sense of dressing but the post-modern fashion liberation saw people experimenting on the expression of self through fashion and the result is edgy, avant-garde yet classic. 

If you have been swept by the Korean cultural take over, you will love lapalette’s stylish selection of women’s bags that let you immerse in the K-Pop craze everyday. 

A favourite among Korean pop stars and celebrities like Yoon Jin Yi, Um Ji Won, and Song Ha Yoon, they have also been seen on the shoulders of singers and musical girl groups like Girl’s Generation and Girl’s Day. It is a popular fixture in fashion spreads and magazines such as Ceci, Nylon and Vogue Girl.

Charming and elegant, lapalette is in a class of its own with its “art meets fashion” ethos that produces a masterpiece in every bag. Boasting its trademark horse-emblem motif, every bag is inspired by delicate handcraft ornaments and vintage collections such as wooden dolls and musical instruments, skillfully blending the value of art and classics with functionality and statement.

Well these days almost everything we can buy online and it is so convenient. We can shop anytime and anywhere we like with a cheaper price or more deals. I usually buy my clothes, bags and accessories online, for example for fashion clothing from Zalora. You can find a really chic, quality and versatile stuff there. As a smart consumer, we should look for online deals and discounts if possible before we make any purchase. 

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