Earn Cashback from Shopback Malaysia

Calling for online shoppers out there! How often do you shop online in a month? As for myself, I am a regular online shopper! However, this does not mean that I was a spendthrift. I would say I am a wise online shopper. Why?

Be a Wise Online Shopper
First, I always know what I'm buying. So in this case, there are no waste. I will buy necessary things only (cough, cough).

Second, I just bought dicounted items. Stingy? No, but spend wisely right.

Third, I only shop in the online portal which offering promos, coupons and cashback. Wait a minute! Cahsback??

Promo and coupon may already sound familiar, right? But the majority of you would have never heard about cashback. Back to online portals offering promos, coupons and cashback, none other than the Shopback Malaysia!

So how can you get the cashback? If you're now on Shopback’s main website, I am sure you will find there are some big names such as Zalora, Lazada, luxola, and other best lifestyle items at Shopback are displayed on the screen. As the affliated partners, they will give commissions to Shopback if you make purchases through the main website. Then, some amount of commission received by Shopback will be shared to you. Easy breezy!


  1. Great info for shoppers like me.

  2. OOhh.. i just saw my friend posts about this cashback thingie but I still don't quite get it.


  3. Basically, this site is giving you cashback when you shop at their partners' sites. For example they are offering 9% cashback for Zalora purchases. So if your final checkout amount for your Zalora order is $100, you will get $9 back into your shopback account. Then you can withdraw it as and when you like it.


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