Is It Worth It?

Sometimes you need to sit down and think what you really want in life. Are the things that you are busy doing right now bring you long term happiness, gives you the returns or satisfactions that you are looking for. Or you do it because of survival, peer pressure or the society is doing it? Ask yourself is it worth it? 

Recently I have been busy with so many things especially my work. But rest assured I will be back after I finished this project. Be patience… after this project I know that I will be better in many aspects, I hope so lah... As we grow, we need to explore new things and new experiences right. 

Good or bad, win or lose, success or failure is part of life, never regret as long as you learnt from it. When we looked back we have all these sweet bitter memories with us, that's all we can bring with us when we leave this world. Oh my god since when I became so philosophical and aunty... hehehe 

Well, doing the same thing everyday makes me feel like a robot. I hope you do take up the challenge as well. Always think and plan for long term not short term okay... same goes with your relationship and happiness.

24 hours a day is never enough. Therefore I have to prioritize and say no to some people and events that I really love but I am not able to commit. Although 2015 is a challenging year but life is interesting so far. Ganbatte!


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