Best Clothing Brands Made in Malaysia

Best Clothing Brands Made in Malaysia, Lansi,

If you are a Malaysian or have stayed there for years, your wardrobe is incomplete without the famous local clothing brands like Pestle & Mortar and Swagger Salon etc. all hailing from Malaysia. Undoubtedly, the country has welcomed designers, artists, etc. from all around the world, which has resulted in the fusion of western culture in it, but there are many local independent fashion labels that have made their own identity and celebrate the entrepreneurship culture of Malaysia. Here is the best clothing brands made in Malaysia.

Pestle & Mortar Clothing
Pestle & Mortar is the coolest brand of outfits that the Malaysian kids love to wear. Its collection starts from the graphic photo T-shirts with unique portraits of Malaysian life in them, the pocket T-shirts, etc. which are their own products to a wide range of shorts, shirts, accessories, etc. from other brands like Nike, Aark Collective, Bellroy, Vans, Crap Eyewear, Knockaround, Status Anxiety, and Daniel Wellington. Their meteoric rise in the Malaysian market is notable and Ais Potong graphic tee, Kuala Lumpur sign tee, and Kampung Singlet are few of the famous Pestle & Mortar’s eye-catchy items.  This brand is also available online on sites like and at discounted rates

The Swagger Salon or LANSI
It is the leading streetwear clothing brand in Malaysia. With their famous fashion tag ‘LANSI’, Swagger Salon has achieved its success among the Malaysian youngsters. It has its own vivid style that defines the attitude of its clothing. ‘LANSI’ is a local Cantonese slang, which became a style among the Malaysian hip hop enthusiasts. Apart from LANSI collection, Swagger Salon has new original lines NSFW (Nice Shirt for Work) and Taikor. They also sell a range of jackets, t-shirts, workwear, and accessories. Their now notorious LANSI caps are too cool and in the market, and all the LANSI releases get sold out fast as they are launched.

Rare Clothing Co.
Rare Clothing Co. is pretty new in the market, established in 2010 only, but is doing a great job in the clothing market. Their fashion is updated every 3 months. They deliver timeless, premium products and ideas that take art and fashion to a new level. This independent Malaysian clothing brand allows you to order online as well. You must remember that they have a limited quantity of their releases as they get sold out pretty fast. Their collections of clothing include tees, headwear, accessories, and cut & sew pieces.

Flying Mouse 365
Flying Mouse a.k.a. Chow Hon Lam's adorable T-shirt designs are flooding all over the Internet. They are famous for T-shirts and prints. Chow released one T-shirt design per day for an entire year since 2010with a project titled 'Flying Mouse 365'. They had the opportunity to create designs for many high profile clients including AirAsia Airlines, Nike, MARTELL VSOP, Lotus F1, and Dave Matthews Band. Always keep in mind about the limited stocks that are available for each design.

Tarik Jeans
Tarik Jeans is a locally produced denim label inspired by the famous Malaysian drink. They aim to represent the Malaysian pop culture. They are expressing a new meaning of fashion for creatively-inclined and forward-thinking youths to embrace cultural diversity. These denims are made for everyone regardless of sexual proclivity, creed, race, political affiliation, music preference, or anything else that are designed to divide us. This brand emphasizes more on reminding the younger generation of how united we are and also we were even before the propagandizing began. Their collection of clothing ranges from jackets, tees, to definitely the signature ‘teh tarik man’ jeans.

That Is Not All

Apart from these famous local clothing brands which are mentioned above, there are more like these – Attack Apparel for the fashionistas, Greenroom136 for the hand-making messenger bag lovers, Sultan KL for the newest kids and the chic babies in the town, etc. All these brands inspire and show that the sole heart of Malaysia is in the youth. They come up with their own definitions standing differently from the crowd – they never wait for anyone to define what being Malaysians truly means. These brands are comparatively cheaper than other international brands but are of amazing quality, so you can save on fashion clothing very easily. 


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