Domino's Pizza Still The Same, Pay Same or Less

Someone told me that it’s a good sign when life gets busy. What do you think? I do agree with her, I got back from Tokyo, stayed a few days in Kuala Lumpur did my last minutes, went back to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year then Pai Thien Kong (the 9th day of Chinese New Year) and now I started my 7 weeks ASAS training. Although my schedule is tight but I never complain because I love all the happenings that evolved in my life right now - traveling, new adventures, learn new things and meet new people. After all, life is all about experiences, right?


No matter where I go or what I do; at the end of the day my heart is back to my homeland and hometown. They said home is where the heart is… something will never change. I know my roots, principles and values and I am proud to be Malaysian.

Currently there are so many hoo haa going on about the coming GST in April 2015. How severe does GST affect our lifestyle? Do we still have the privileged to eat out that often? I guess not matter what life goes on.

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Hey I found something remain unchanged, it’s Domino’s Pizza ! We are still paying the same prices even with the implementation of GST. Yes! we still get to enjoy our large pizza at the same price even after April 2015 because Domino’s promise that what we pay are still the same prices and some may be lesser so consumer will #paysameorless.

Let’s get together for great pizza time and I am sure it will not hurt our wallet. Great! We love to share our happiness while eating pizza and eat pizza in groups to enjoy more of the pizza and its more value as well. You too can join the to contribute to #stillthesame or to share their thoughts on Domino’s pizza and #paysameorless.

Yay! We can continue to enjoy our pizzas and pay same or less so syoik! #stillthesame #paysameorless

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  1. Sure or not still same price? So is it reduce price and after adding GST, the net amount is the same as the pizza price only? Cut down on toppings?


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