ESCADA Turquoise Summer EDP – Let Your Spirit Run Free

ESCADA Turquoise Summer EDP, Let Your Spirit Run Free, Fragrance, Escada, Summer scent, Turquoise Summer

Summer is coming… and summer is about freedom. Wind in your hair, warm sun on your skin and that spirited feeling you get when you escape the everyday – even if only for a moment. ESCADA Turquoise Summer EDP, the 2015 limited edition Summer Fragrance, evokes feelings of free-spirited abandon and escapism, where you can imagine anything is possible.

An intensely fruity, powerful yet playful summer scent; the fragrance features strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant accords, complemented by more sensual and creamy notes of vanilla and sandalwood. ESCADA Turquoise Summer encourages you to explore, and truly let your spirit run free.

ESCADA started the trend of summer limited edition fragrances in 1993. Turquoise Summer marks the 23rd ESCADA summer scent after the first one.  A playful fruity sorbet of wild red fruits intensifies the edible fruity sensation provided by tutti frutti notes. 

Escada Turquoise Summer is a playful fruity sorbet of wild red fruits – a fragrance that will open the world to summer. The edible fruity sensation provided by tutti frutti notes is intensified in the fragrance by a joyful cocktail of berries - strawberry combined with juicy raspberry and acidulous blackcurrant. The combination invites you to remember the scent of a refreshing icy sorbet.

And at the heart, the red fruits give way to a fleshy peach note, perfectly complemented by the fresh floral scent of violet and orange flowers. The intense fruitiness is balanced by the sensual base notes with a relaxing blend of creamy vanilla and smooth sandalwood.

Turquoise mixes with ESCADA signature pink, and this year’s ESCADA summer fragrance girlis beautifully realized in a gown of feminine florals and the butterfly motif – signifying het free spirit. With a butterfly in her hair, surrounded by flowers, she is the epitome of a free-spirited woman ready to take on the world.

ESCADA Turquoise Summer Price List:
EDP 30ml @ RM 156
EDP 50ml @ RM 220
EDP 75ml @ RM 276
Body Lotion 150ml @ RM 92

ESCADA Turquoise Summer is available in February 2015.

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  1. Wow. ESCADA EDP, lovely scents for the summer!


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