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OOTD Talk! Well, clothing may make up the majority of an overall outfit however accessories are more significant than you may think. Look, for example I may wear boring and plain black blouse if I paired it with the right accessories it will enhance my overall look. Accessories can define our styles, therefore recently I am hunting for more accessories to match my outfit. Hey, I found a few pieces of elegant fashion accessories from Jones April.

As Giorgio Armani once said, "Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day". And I think he is correct, I began to see the difference ootd with and without accessories. Accessories are like vitamins to Fashion, it define your style. I like something that is classic and elegant. The Princess Jasmine Crown Ring and Nude Camellia Earring suit my style. Both are my darlings…

Princess Jasmine Crown Ring, RM24

In love with this princess and romantic crown ring, I usually wore it on my index finger as my statement ring. Overall, Princess Jasmine Crown Ring the simple yet very elegant design and also the sparkling stones. The ring size is adjustable and the material is 18K white gold plate on. I have been wearing it almost every day and the color of the material does not change. The price is RM24 and so reasonable.

Nude Camellia Earring, RM23

Nude Camellia Earring
What do you think of this pair of earring? Well the Nude Camellia Earring might look very simple but it complements almost everything I wear. The design is very dainty and delicate. The price is RM23.

Well, basically is an online store which is selling top fashion accessories 100% from South Korea. Zhengye Company has been founded and established since year 1998. Jones April just new started at the year of 2013 and based in Malaysia. This is the plus point for Malaysia buyers, you do not have to lost the currency conversion rate.

I was quite hooked on Jones April accessories and I spotted a few statement pieces from the latest Korean movie accessories available on their website such as these:

My Love from the Star Anklet & Necklace

The Heirs Short Necklace

Jones April Headpiece

Jones April Headpiece is so gorgeous, they make you look like an ancient roman princess. This is so unique, I think it’s going to be a new trend especially during wedding. I will get for all the bridesmaids immediately they will transformed to roman princesses. Such a romantic and angelic headpiece for special occasion.

Overall, Jones April Accessory is rare, unique and limited edition. Some of their designs are outstanding and high quality. The most important is affordable for everyone to look fashionable and trendy. Their online purchase system is simple, delivery is fast and straight forward.

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