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Well, I Care About Sight is one of L’OCCITANE charity fundraising for the blind in conjunction with World Sight Day on 9th October and will run for duration of 3 months until 31st December 2014. The iconic limited-edition collectible is also different from that of previous years, featuring a unique tote bag with the theme, ‘I Care About Sight’. Made from sustainably-sourced cotton, this practical, reusable and eco-friendly bag imported from France. 

Only 30,000 bags have been made worldwide, so it is truly a coveted item to be collected by die-hard L’OCCITANE fans and members of the public who want to contribute their part in helping the visually-impaired. With the sales of the tote bag, L’OCCITANE hopes to raise a total of RM40,000 for both its beneficiaries of this year’s fundraising initiative: MAB and St. Nicholas Home.

The funds will be used to upgrade MAB’s Orientation and Mobility Classroom in its Kinta Valley Centre, Ipoh, with a Braille globe, Braille maps, Braille tiles and tactile stone path. Other proposed mobility equipment include white canes, normal canes and a voice-activated cane, so that the blind and visually-impaired will have the opportunity to expose themselves to more knowledge and practical skills.

Another portion of the funds will be channelled to St. Nicholas Home to support its Pastry Training Programme, which allows blind and visually-impaired trainees obtain proper training in baking skills, allowing them to polish their interpersonal skills and pursue careers in the field of baking.

I Care About Sight tote bag will be on sale from 9th October onwards at all L’OCCITANE Boutique Nationwide; strictly whilst stock lasts.

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