Beats Solo Drenched Series – HD Matte & Color

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Hey for the limited time only, Beats Solo Drenched series is offering at RM690 (usual Price RM790) at all Beats authorized dealers nationwide. Read on to know more about Beats By Dr. Dre Solon HD Matte and Beats By Dr. Dre Solo  Drenched in Color. 

Beats By Dr. Dre Solon HD Matte

• Matte finish that is sleek and stylish

• Soft leather earcups and adjustable headband enabling long hours of comfortable listening

• Advanced driver technology built for robust sound

• 2 speakers per can for high-definition sounds of clear highs and booming lows

• Built-in microphone with 3-button remote to receive hands-free phone calls, skip songs and adjust the volume without hassle

• Folding design allows for portability and easy storage

Colours: Available in Blue, Magenta, Purple, Green, Light Blue, Mint, Red, Black, and White

Price: Limited time only, Solo Drenched Series would be Retailing at RM690 (Usual Price RM790)

Availability: Available at all major authorized dealers.

Beats By Dr. Dre Solo Drenched in Color

The first Beats by Dr.  Dre  Solo  headphones  came  out  in November  2009,  offering  users  an  entrylevel  ideal  of  a  personal  listening experience. Today, Beats by Dr. Dre not only gives you the perfect sounds but now, also amazing style.  

The  latestedition  Beats  Solo  HD    Drenched  in  Color Headphone,  available  in  9 new matte colors, feature the ear cups, cord and headband all drenched in one hue, as well as a reflective Beats logo on the ear cans.

Features of the Beats By Dr. Dre Solo Drenched in Color include:

• Proprietary titaniumcoated driver technology, ensuring the headphones preserve sound and accurately reproduce all the details of your music

• Crystal  clear  highs  and  deep,  rumbling  lows  in  highdefinition  quality,  making these lightweight headphones perfect for longlasting sessions

• Every pair is constructed with superdurable, flexible material, reinforced with a metal strip

• Unique folding system and compact design make these perfect for onthego use

• A cable to easily switch between songs and incoming calls for a seamless transition

Colours: Available in Magenta, Purple, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Mint, Red, Black and White

Price: Retailing at RM 690 (Usual Price RM790)

Availability: Available at all Beats authorized stores.

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