TVB Artiste Sharon Chan, Zell-V New Ambassador

TVB Artise Sharon Chan as Zell-V New Ambassador. ZELL-V sheep placenta products are made using the most advanced cell extraction methods and biotechnology to help people achieve their desire for youthfulness.

ZELL-V Platinum Sheep Placenta, one of ZELL-V’s star products. The all-new formulation is enhanced by the additional of transfer factors which effectively boost the immunity, as well as an extra 35% of growth factors to enhance its effectiveness in maintaining good health and defying ageing. To further enhance customers’ health and quality of life, Ruyi Holdings is continuously developing new and premium products. Among them are ZELL-V Rosemato Premium Phytocell Skincare Series and ZELL-V Phyto Green Marine Algae Cell Factors. 

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