Believe in Miracles

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I Believe in Miracles. How about you? I believe it and I have experienced it a few times. Miracles do happens and never give up no matter what. Sometimes when life hit hard on me, I feel like there is no solutions to my problems or there is no way out. Its like so suffocating and the world is falling down or turning dark. That is! bang! that is the end. But when I started to pray, never give up and keep thinking or finding the solutions... suddenly I began to find my way out, there is a force or someone just appear and rescue me... that moment I called it miracle. 

Never give up as long as you have the faith so keep going. God will answer your prayer. Seek and you shall find. Miracle does happen... as long as you believe in it. 2013 going to end soon, if there is unhappiness or lost or unexpected things that happened to you, take it as a lesson learned or experience in life. There is nothing to regret, we make mistakes because we are human. Once bitten twice shy, so don't repeat the same mistake again.

May you have the best of 2014 ahead. 

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