UTOO S2 Power Bank Review Slim & Smart

UTOO, UTOO S2 Power Bank, Power Bank Review, Slim & Smart, UTOO Power Bank

SOS! Please help my handphone battery is dying help... Having a few gadgets in my handbag when I am on the go, it is crucial that I have a durable and slim power bank on standby. When my gadget is running out of battery and I need to use it for some urgent matters that is the most annoying things. Does this happen to you before? Lucky that now I got UTOO S2 Power Bank 3000mAh in White and it’s so Slim and Smart.

What I like about this UTOO S2 Power Bank? Of course is the Super Slim design and very light. Look! It’s only 8mm thickness, less than 1cm ok. Awesome, the matte and ABS ultrasonic structure is easy to hold and look like a smartphone design. Cool la.

UTOO, UTOO S2 Power Bank, Power Bank Review, Slim & Smart, UTOO Power Bank, dimension

How about the capacity and durability? It has sufficient capacity of 3000mAh lithium polymer for me to get through my day and when I reached home or office I can charge. Plus it is able to charge all types of brand mobiles. Be it Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Blackberry MP3, MP4 and other gadgets too.

Some specification, the dimension is 122mm(L)x 63mm(W)x8mm(H). It is 3000mAh lithium polymer batteries, safe and reliable, more than 1000 times of charging cycles. Power on and off automatically, automatically charging and discharging, intelligent protection, intelligent display.

UTOO, UTOO S2 Power Bank, Power Bank Review, Slim & Smart, UTOO Power Bank

Don’t get a shock when you unbox, the UTOO S2 Power Band does not come with any USB cable. So how? As for me this is fine because I have surplus of USB cables at home. I can share the cable with other gadgets no need to bring so many cables out. The batteries power is just sufficient for a day and there is only one USB port. So I can only charge 1 gadget at a time. Plus I think some would prefer it comes with USB cable.  
I saw on YouTube some tested the fake power bank. The power bank and their gadgets exploded. Kaboom! So scary right, I can’t think of it when my suddenly handphone and power bank exploded. It might injure me and others too. Plus people might think I carry a boom, oh no. So never buy or use unreliable power bank. Get those from authorize outlet and also reputable brands.  

Overall, UTOO S2 Power Bank is a super slim and smart. It is space saving, very light to carry around and the design is cool. Easy to carry and convenient for everyday uses

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