SK-II Stempower Skincare Range Regimen

SK-II Stempower Essence, the source of youth in a bottle, this is one of the serum that I use at night. A research collaboration between SK-II scientists and the world’s foremost authorities in the field has revealed that our skin has a “Master Switch” which when activated enables the protection of epidermal stem cells by optimising its environment, thus restoring skin’s youth activity to give poreless-looking, bouncy skin. Here is some of the guidance and information about the SK-II Stempower Range Regimen

With insights on this new standard in youthful beauty, SK-II recently launched its latest anti-ageing beauty essence – the SK-II Stempower Essence. SK-II’s revolutionary Stempower Essence, concocted with a new and powerful Stem-Acanax ES Complex, targets and transforms the regenerative functions of the skin’s youth activity.

Ingredients such as Stem-Acanax ES Complex consist of Stem-Acanax, Pitera, Artichoke Extract and new Kinren Extract. As a key ingredient of SK-II Stempower ssence, Artichoke Extract has been proven to activate our skin’s “Master Switch” to enhance the overall cell functions of anti-oxidation, regeneration and longevity, hence promoting inner cell density and increasing skin’s inner resilience.

The SK-II Stempower range
Other SK-II Stempower products in the series that complement the SK-II Stempower Essence includes:

SK-II Stempower: An essential daily moisturizer designed to let you feel the youthful beauty of 10 years ago. Featuring the breakthrough Stem-Acanax complex, SK-II Stempower helps in the skin renewal process and improves a radical firmness from the source.

SK-II Stempower Rich Cream: The SK-II Stempower Rich Cream is formulated to address skin ageing problems and lets you feel the youthful beauty of 10 years ago. Powered with the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex containing Stem-Acanax and PiteraTM, it has 49% more skin conditioning ingredients that helps protect skin from severe environment conditions and signs of skin ageing.

SK-II Skin Signature Eye CreamSK-II’s innovative Capsule Technology encapsulates Signaline in a capsule form and rejuvenates the eye area making it appear brighter and firmer.

SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation: The SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 20 PA++ is formulated with the essence ingredients of SK-II Stempower nd three blended layers of foundation swirls. Forming a “stretch network” on the skin epidermis layer, the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex boosts the skin’s firm and smooth complexion by creating a veil of firmness on it. The foundation creates a lively rosy complexion, and radically improves firmness and a youthful look.

SK-II STEMPOWER series price list:
SK-II Stempower Essence                                   RM395 (30ml), RM572 (50ml)
SK-II Stempower 50g                                         RM352
SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 50g                       RM519
SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation     RM199
SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream 15g                    RM356

Availability: The SK-II Stempower series is available at all SK-II counters in Malaysia.  

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