Pink A Promise of Hope to Live & Fight

Last week, I hopped over to Neubodi’s One Utama specialty store for their Pink A Promise of Hope to Live & Fight party. The whole store transformed into a heavenly pink sweetness with fluff and floating pink messages, floating pink balloons, pretty pink ribbon cupcakes and swiss roll tower (too pretty to eat).

Neubodi Cash Your Bra for A Cause Campaign, alliance between Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Free The Girls Association: FIght Human Trafficking through Neubodi during the PINK month made an impactful awareness within Malaysian women. 

The hearfelt video of Free the Girls cause and campaign explains how one woman’s old bra can put food on another woman’s table, Neubodi’s Bra Bin have been overflowed with kindness. Neubodi managed to tabulate 5361 brassieres within 27 days which means there were at least 28 brassieres donation within Neubodi’s seven outlets throughout the campaign. I did donate my old bra to Neubodi too :D

 Pink ribbon cupcakes

Swiss roll tower

Ms Estee Ong, General Manager and Bra Fitting Specialist from Neubodi selected two lovely ladies from the crowd for a Bra Makeover session. 

Estee Ong with the Bra Makeover participants (Before)

Bra makeover session is crucial as it visually shows the significant difference when one puts on a Neubodi bra. 

After the Bra Makeover

As we can see the before and after the Bra Makeover there were lots of difference. Their body shape and bust is enhanced. Don’t forget to Get Your Right Fit at Neubodi.

Breast cancer monologues

After that, there was a breast cancer monologues read by Ms Anushya Safira, Marketing and PR Manager of Neubodi and also Nadine. Three females - Jenny the business woman, Linda the college student and Mandy the mother, all three women were breast cancer survivors personified by models. 

The models were able to reenact the experience, and the pysche of the survivors to a point where some of the audience were so touched, they even teared.

Ms Anne Tan, Neubodi founder & Ms. Tammy Walker Tam from BCWA

Neubodi’s founder, Ms Anne Tan passed a mock cheque worth RM 5,739.00 from Cash Your Bra for A Cause campaign proceeds to Ms Tammy Walker Tam from BCWA. 

Ms Anne Tan & Ms Jenny Lau Cash Your Bra for A Cause Campaign Snap & Win Winner

Ms Jenny Lau was the lucky SNAP & WIN winner for Neubodi’s Social Media contest during the Cash Your Bra for A Cause campaign.

Nadine Ann Thomas; Ms Tammy Walker-Tam, Vice President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) along with Neubodi’s Starlets; Amber Chia; Charlene Wong from MixFM;  Yvonne Lee, Ms Malaysia World 2012; and Linora Low.

Nadine Ann Thomas, Linora Low, Charlene Wong & Yvonne Lee

For more information please visit Neubodi Facebook or Neubodi Website

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