Scinic Total Cleansing Treatment

Cleansing Routine for Dry Skin

If your skin feels dry and tight, wash your face using lukewarm water -- high heat encourages moisture to evaporate. Steer clear of products containing sudsy, dehydrating detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate, and select milky or oil-based cleansers, which are designed to improve hydration while gently lifting away dirt, makeup, and grit.
New method of high nourishing spray cleansing washes off waste in pores and makeup residuals leaving intact nutrition. 

1. Spray to whole face (except eye area) accordingly in distance from 10~20cm with closing eyes and up chin a little

2. Then touch softly to evenly adhere to makeup enough

3. For thick eye makeup, spray to both finger top and erase makeup like massaging. (Massaging with body heat would double cleansing effect.)

4. After 10~20 seconds of spraying, wash off with mild warm water.

Content: 170ml

Price: RM75

Availability: Sasa Outlet

Super easy spray type mist cleansing Cleansing Cream + Oil + Foam in One.
All residues and make up are clean up by water wash.

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