Product Review: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Mascara Lash King

Introduction of Shiseido Majolica Majorca’s latest mascara the Lash King, this aptly named mascara incorporates all functions of each and every Majolica Majorca’s, including Lash Expander Frame Plus’s super length, Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On’s ultra thickness and lash Gorgeous Wing  NEO’s ability to create pretty, fluttery lashes. 

Product Description: The Lash King contains 5mm long jet-black fibers in every single coat of mascara, leaving lashes looking naturally super-long. Infused with Volume Impact Wax and Volume Powder, the mascara is able to adhere even better to each lash, adding long-lasting major volume for full and lush lashes.

To maintain perfectly curled lashes throughout the day against sweat, sebum and even tears, this mascara contains Speedy Dry Oil as well as gloss oil to define the darkness of each lash for achieving doll-like eyes.

Featuring the one-of-a-kind Acrobat Catch Brush, the Lash King separates and coats individual lashes evenly without tangling. The brush was designed to maximize intense volume and length with every application and each bristle is meticulously packed to ensure each lash is applied with enough amount of liquid fiber. The Lash king is also formulated with macadamia nuts oil and vitamin E derivative to protect lashes from exterior damage.

Reviews: As you can see from my picture, my eye lashes are super short and its not curl. Its very hard for me to find a good mascara at a reasonable price. So I usually go au natural which means no mascara and eye shadow. I only use eyeliner.

Majolica Majorca Lash King has thick fibers and I like the brush. Each application is easy and glide smoothly. The mascara dries fast and waterproof. So there is no smudge and panda eyes. After 2 applications my eye lashes curls up and looks longer and thicker… of course. My eye lashes don’t feels heavy or uncomfortable. This super black mascara makes my eyes looks bigger and more intense. Plus it is easy to remove the mascara.  

Eyes are instantly defined even without eyeliner as lashes will appear longer, fuller and darker.


TextureLot of fibers to thicken and lengthens the eye lashes. Waterproof.

Color: Super Black

Availability: From Feb 2012 onwards in all Watson’s pharmacy nationwide

Price: RM 59.90


  1. Can u apply more for length?

    1. Hi Sherrie, yes. You can apply more coat to make the lashes looks longer.


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