My Caricature Drawn Using Samsung GALAXY Note

This is my caricature drawn by Caricaturist Ambo using Samsung GALAXY Note, 
cool right. I super like it...

Creativity Comes to Life at the Samsung GALAXY Note Studio Roadshow

Over the weekend, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies put big smiles on people’s faces at the Samsung GALAXY Note Studio Roadshow in One Utama Shopping Mall.

The Samsung GALAXY Note Studio Roadshow showcased the multiple uses of the device through caricature and music. With the “Caricature Gallery” app, available in GALAXY Note, anyone can create drawings and caricatures and even compose music as though with multiple instruments within the device itself.

A guest posing for a caricaturist

Featuring caricature artists and live music, the three-day roadshow saw content on Samsung GALAXY Notes being displayed so that everyone can see every stroke from each caricaturist’s S-Pen coming to life. 

Guests from the GALAXY Note Studio trying their hands on the device

While guests were having their caricatures drawn, live music composed and created on the Samsung GALAXY Note played, the friendly Samsung promoters stood-by to offer any information to curious guests while others tried their hands at demo-units placed around the Studio.

 Musicians performing live with music created and composed with the 
Samsung GALAXY Note

Guests were even more delighted when their caricatures were printed out on mugs and T-shirts, which they took home while others took the opportunity to mingle with celebrities including Andrea Fonseka, Neelofa, Sazzy Falak, Nadia Heng and Natasha Hudson who also enjoyed the GALAXY Note Studio Roadshow. 

Neelofa, TV Personality with her caricature

Sazzy Falak, TV Personality (Right) showing her caricature printed on a
T-shirt drawn by a caricaturist (Left)

A caricaturist posing with Nadia Heng showing her caricature 

Andrea Fonseka, TV Presenter, with her caricature

Me and my caricature with Caricaturist Ambo

Guests at the GALAXY Note Studio posing in front of the Caricature Gallery

This 3 day (10th to 12th Feb, 2012) roadshow is to showcase the multiple uses of the device through caricature and music. Step-by-step tutorials to maximize your user. With this in mind, we invite you and your team members to also attend the Studio for a firsthand look at the innovation behind the Samsung GALAXY Note.

More details about the roadshow click HERE
Details and specification about Samsung Galaxy Note click HERE 

Playing with Samsung GALAXY Note

Caricature Gallery

I got my caricature printed on t-shirt yay...

I like the mug, it is going to me MY mug that I will use it in my office… 

Hi... was fun at Galaxy Note Studio

The second leg of the Samsung GALAXY Note Studio Roadshow will be held at the main concourse, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya and City Square, Johor Bahru from 17 to 19 February 2012.

Stay tune for more upcoming roadshows and information on the Samsung’s mobile phone devices, please visit or visit Samsung U-nivez Facebook page at 

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