Me and my BCARD at Borders Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Spent, Collect Points and Redeem with BCARD

One of my resolutions is to learn mandarin, which I have been procrastinating for quite some time. Alright, its time to start and hunt for some books Mandarin/Chinese for dummies like me. I hope I don’t be ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’ at first semangat, after a while start to slack LOL

Here I am now in Borders Curve, Mutiara Damansara. My intention is to buy Chinese/Mandarin learning books but once I am in there I was attracted to other stuff. I started reading magazines and go to the fiction corner. 

At last I chose these two books, Chinese for Everyone and The Girl with Dragon Tattoo. One for learning purposes and another one for reading pleasure.

I used my BCARD to pay for these books because I have BPoints yuhuuu….
1 BPoint = 1 sen. You can collect BPoint at all the BCRAD participating outlets, then you can use the BPoints to redeem your purchases fully or partially. 

Good leh… so you want to own it… 
You can apply BCARD for free at any BCARD participating outlet. 
Get BCARD application form and sign up the BCARD membership for FREE

What is BCARD?
A premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward program which allows members to collect and redeem points at participating outlets.
Currently, BCARD is available at 300 stores, Nationwide.
BCARD is unique as it rewards points both ways – when you spend and when you redeem.
BCARD is a pre-activated card and you can use your BCARD immediately to collect points.
A member will receive a PIN via SMS or e-mail from BCARD after BCARD receives the member’s details from the merchant.  PIN is required to check your points or to redeem at the store or online.

BPoints will be awarded to you when your BCARD is swiped and terms and payment are fulfilled. Your BPoints can be redeemed at any BCard participating outlet near you or you may redeem exclusive items online at

BCARD Benefits
- No annual fee
- Lifetime membership
- Rewards you twice i.e. when you spend and when you redeem
- Instant Redemption at the stores i.e. allow you to “cash-in” points for immediate cash
- Exclusive Online Redemption at
- Points Value is fixed i.e. 1 BPoint = 1 sen (100 points = RM1)
- Allow partial redemption (a minimum of 100 points)
- Check Points via SMS and online
- Points expiry is 36 months after issuance (on a first in, first out basis)

BCARD Password/PIN:
Application forms from merchants are submitted to BCARD in batches. A member will receive his/her password/PIN via SMS and e-mail after BCARD received the member’s details (as provided in the application form) from the merchants.

Password/PIN is required for the purpose of Point’s enquiry and redemption process at merchant’s outlets as well as for transaction on the BCARD website.

Redemption Channel
On-the-spot at participating outlets
Online at

Redemption Method
Full Redemption: Cash–in your BPoints for products or gifts at BCARD outlets or website
Partial Redemption: A combination of BPoints and cash in-hand (minimum of 100 BPoints is required)

Shop and dine with BCARD at 300 stores nationwide
List of participating merchants 

Swipe & Win Contest 

Don't forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! 
Check it out on for more details.

For more updates and information go to 
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