Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash (Soothing) with the Scrublet

L’Oréal Paris Perfect Clean, the answer for perfectly clean skin for every woman, for every skin type. With Perfect Clean, L’Oréal Paris is shaking up face-care routines, thanks to its effective Scrublet brush and customised formula innovation.

Perfect Clean offers four customised cleanser solutions adapted to every skin types:-

Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub
A gentle scrub for every skin type to refine pores and eliminate dead skin cells for softer and more luminous skin.

Purifying Foaming Gel
A purifying formula containing salicylic acid for acne-prone skin to deeply purify skin and clean out pores

Refreshing Foaming Gel
Suitable for normal to combination skin. Intensely refreshes and detoxifies skin.

Soothing Foaming Cream Wash
A fragrance-free formula for dry and sensitive skin that gently cleanses without harshness.

L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash (Soothing) with the Scrublet

Reviews: My skin condition is dry and sensitive so L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash (Soothing) is suitable for me. I like the Scrublet and the bottle design, something very different. The Scrublet brush with 500 soft and flexible tips, the silicone brush pad effectively and gently eliminates deep skin impurities. It gentle exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities. I feel my skin smoother and clean after cleanse.

Perfect Clean comes complete with a high-performing facial brush, known as the Scrublet brush. This is an exclusive L’Oréal Paris invention to give women something new to look forward to in their cleansing routine.

Thanks to the Scrublet brush’s 500 soft flexible tips, you can now reach every angle of your face to clean pore by pore, even on difficult-to-reach areas like the sides of your nose. This helps to maximise the cleansing formula’s performance to eliminate even more impurities deep inside pores, gently but effectively removing oil, dirt, and makeup.


1. Squeeze cleanser onto the Scrublet brush.
2. Gently rub Scrublet brush on skin.
3. Pores are thoroughly cleansed.

Texture: Fluid cream and easily foam.

Scent: Very mild and fruity

Content: 150ml

Availability:  At L’Oréal Paris counters, Guardian stores nationwide on Nov 2011.

Price: RM 35.90


  1. Thanks for your illustration that i finally am clear how to applying it~ i was intruged by the bottle when i saw it on the racks,but it puzzled me quite a while before i found your post here.

    Keep going,

    1. hi Clair,

      glad you like it. thanks



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