Beauty Blog Product Review: Garnier Pure Active Multi Action Scrub

Garnier Pure Active Range the Solution For Acne Prone Skin

 Pure Active Multi Action Scrub 

Blackheads Uprooting Scrub
Clearing blackheads can be tough. Moreover, once they’re rooted out, preventing & erasing the marks they leave can be even tougher. For acne-prone skins that wish to not only cleanse the surface but also deeply purify pores and remove inlayed impurities in search of a perfect skin result, Garnier introduces the Pure Active Scrub.

An intensely refreshing concentrated formula that delivers a double anti-spots anti-marks action starting day 1:
- Enriched with antibacterial Purifying Salicylic Acid, it deeply purifies the skin and visibly reduce blackheads.
- Containing a natural repairing extract, it prevents the formation of imperfection marks.

After I use Garnier Pure Active Multi Action scrub for few times, I feel that my face is smooth and clean especially the nose and chin area. The tiny blue beads it doing the work, cleaning and scrubbing away the dead skin cells.

I find that the scrub texture is moderate which means not too mild and not too strong. It doesn’t cause redness or discomfort after I use. Well this Pure Active range is suitable for acne prone skin which is more towards oily skin. After I scrub and rinsed my face, I could feel that my skin slightly dry on my cheek well this is due to my dry skin type. 

Usage: Gently massage in wet face, lather instantly and rinse off with water. Avoid eye areas.
Suitable: Acne prone skin
Texture: Creamy with tiny blue beads
Price: RM   6.50 for 50ml  /  RM 11.90 for 100ml

Garnier Pure Active Range available at selected outlets from September 2011 and nationwide in all major retailers, hypermarkets and pharmacies in November 2011.


  1. hey im sofea, garnier got scrub and foam right. which one i have to use first?

    1. hi Sofea, use the foam first. The scrub you can use it twice or three times a week.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. Hello, I am just wondering as some other websites are being posted hat garnier scrub can be used as face wash on daily basis. Kindly save your commets..


    1. Hi Samrah, thanks for your comment. I have mentioned that my skin type is dry so it best for me to use it alternatelt. By the way, I use and review based on my skin type and personal experience. For those who has oily skin or normal skin may use it on regular basis. thanks

      Sunshine Kelly

  3. Hello dear, Me also have dry skin. but in summer sometimes it gets oily. what would you recommend me to use in morning. I do not want to use face wash because if I go with it i feel more dryness all the day.

    waiting for your reply

  4. Hi This is suitable for 13 years

    Reply ASAP!!!!!

    1. The cleanser might be a bit drying for user age 13 years old. Use a more gentle cleanser.

  5. where would I be able to buy the full kit? in much need of buying this product asap!


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