Confession of Miss Sunshine... OPC

I am sure all women want to look, feel and be beautiful. 
So what makes us beautiful? 
How to look beautiful? 

Some say skincare, makeup, dress up, fashion, be happy, or others may think it’s being who we are. In fact there are several basic things that constitute and help us stay beautiful, youthful and glowing skin.

Women should take care after not only their family and friends, but also our skin, hair and most important our lovely selves. Beauty routine is necessary and good habits pay off with good skin, shiny hair and youthful appearance. Beside beauty routines we also need to balance our soul, mental and emotion by having proper rest and relaxation. We need inner peace. 

Connect with nature ~ for inner peace and tranquility

Well, apart from healthy lifestyles like regular exercise, healthy diet, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and have enough beauty sleep. Plus learn how to relieve stress. We must know what makes us feel good, what soothes us. Take a time for yourself and enjoy your hobby.

My choice of fruits and vegetables

Always go for healthier choice of food ~ indulge once a while is alright

Remember to pamper yourself once a while

Stay Happy and Enjoy Life because you only live ONCE

My little secret to youthful looks is to stay happy, enjoy and appreciate life while we can. We must know how to let go and forget about the earthly problems. If we are angry, worry, hatred or jealous all these negative feelings will generate toxic in our body & mind; at the end we harm ourselves and suffer alone. My mentor always said, "If you think & talk negative then you attract negative energy". So please don't harm yourself just because of others…

Be happy, strive your best in life and don’t worry, the sun will shine. Always be optimistic and think positive then only we can move forward. This is my simple philosophy in life.  

I usually start my morning with a glass of water. Then followed by a glass of anti-oxidant. Huh? What is a glass of anti-oxidant? I have fresh red tomato juice (full of lycopene = anti-oxidant) this is crucial when we woke up in the morning our body is thirst/hungry for nutrient so it the best time to feed plus faster absorption...

Life is getting more demanding lately with lots of multi-tasking, late nights and rush for deadlines plus most of the time I take my breakfast on the go (in the car) and I’m so sad that I have to miss my fresh tomato juice in the morning.

What is it?

With all these, is my skin looking tired, older or dull? No… Fred not, lucky that I found this OPC combined with powerful anti-oxidants and anthocyanins from five premium berries namely blueberry, blackcurrant, chokeberry, acaiberry and cranberry. OPCs have anti-oxidant properties that help maintain skin elasticity and promote better blood circulation in skin cells for a healthier glow. Plus it is pack in small bottle that are so small and handy, I can just pack them in my handbag and enjoy them on the go.

To find out what is OPC… stay tuned. I will reveal to you soon.
But at the mean time, for more information you can head on over to 
InnerShine OPC 

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