Carrefour WHOlah Party

Carrefour #WHOlah Friends #tweetup

Are you on Facebook? Well, most of us are or i could say some are addicted to Facebook. How many friends you have in you Facebook account? Can you recognized all your friends on Facebook. Challenging…   

Carrefour Malaysia introduces WHOlah game during #WHOlah Friends #twtup party in The Masterpiece, PJ on 8th Sept, 2011. WHOlah is a free and highly addictive iPhone / iPad game that rewards players for knowing their friends. 

The game tests how well you know your friends by challenging players to recognize as many of their friends’ profile pictures as they can in 60 seconds. You can download the apps at iOSApps Store. 

The game pulls the names and profile photos of friends from Facebook and flashes them on screen with three potential names of friends. Players gain points by successfully guessing their friend’s names.

They also receive a variety of badges depending on the playing behavior, such as “Early Riser” for playing early in the day.

 Check out this cool badges... 
its Dian's :p 

In partnership with the global no 2 retailer, Carrefour Malaysia and Visa, players who successfully score high win real prizes they can share with friends, ranging from Twisties to Ferrero Rocher.

Carrefour Malaysia commissioned the game from Tandemic, a firm that builds communities and social movements, for a season of promotion around friendship. Real prizes can only be redeemed at Carrefour MalaysiaCustomers can redeem the prizes by showing the game redemption screen at the customer service counter and then making a purchase with their Visa Debit. 

The application is free on the App Store at http://bit.Ly/wholah. More on the application’s terms and conditions can be read at You can download screenshots of the application at

International supermodel Amber Chia, singer Fazley Yaakob and Imran Ajmain and former Miss Malaysia Universe runner up 2005 Chermaine Poo were at the WHOlah Party.
Low Ngai Yuen, Chermaine Poo and Amber Chia

Hakim and Low Ngai Yuen

“We are very excited at the prospect of forming new relationships on the digital platform with innovative approaches. This is a natural progression of retail to be a part of the customers’ life”.,” said Ngai Yuen Low, Marketing and Communications Director at Carrefour Malaysia, “We are exploring innovative approaches to reach out to highly social and youthful markets.”

Guests enjoy the night with scrumptious food, drinks, entertainments, 
music, games and mingling around. Nice environment...

 The WHOlah Hoop Game

WHOlah Game

WHOlah Challenge... Who is the Champion?

Check your WHOlah scoreboard... 
what is your score? what have you win?

 Hook on WHOlah game... lol

Me with Dian, Ju Li and Sharon 

Me with Low Ngai Yuen

WHOlah is Awesome 


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