KLCC Isetan Foodmarket is Now Open

KLCC Isetan Foodmarket is now open

Discover An All-New Store Concept with 
5 senses – Touch, Hear, Smell, See & Taste for customers to enjoy. 

The All-New KLCC Isetan Foodmarket offers New Delicatessen, Salad Bar, Japanese eat-in-counter, Expanded Fresh Seafood, Japanese Sweets & Confectionery, Organic Vegetables, Expanded Halal & Non-Halal Meat, Sun Moulin Bakery and Caffe Gino.

Based on Hon-Mono (original products) and Hon Shitsu (good quality) attributions, the Isetan KLCC Foodmarket’s new concept offers an authentic and high quality food for the convenience of our customers.

I find that this new store has improved a lot better visual design and merchandising, a more efficient layout and additional lightings. The aisle is wider with a more attractive presentation of merchandise and generally cleaner fixtures.

Juice Place

What I really love about this new Isetan Foodmarket it’s the Japanese eat-in (Sen-Yan) and Caffe Gino. There are varieties of ready cook and pack food selections, ranging from Kaisen don (kaisen means fresh raw seafood and don  means a bowl of rice), Don Burial( a bowl of cooked rice with toppings), Undo, Roll Sushi and Sen-Yan Salad among others.
Welcome to Sen-Ya

This bos really know how to pose... Got style :)

My favorite Delicatessen!

Crispy Crispy


The place, food and people all looks good...

This Japanese lady is so friendly 

Freshly cook on the spot for you...  fresh and hot! wahhh

Korean Deli 

Chicken Thigh at RM15.00

Grill Tiger Prawn... at RM15.90/stick
Plus there is a tag telling you how many calories per piece
count your calories before you eat 

This one is good... 
I bought these two fish bento set

Wah!!! 50% discounts @.@

Soba & Maki Sushi Bento

  Imported Fish 

Sun Moulin... soft & fluffy bread

Care for more pastries...

Found my favorite Pepperidge Farm Chesapeake on sale
I bought 2 packs, i want to munch munch munch this when i watch dvds

Café Gino is committed to the task of soutcing, roasting and preparing the finest coffee available. Well, the café not only offers the finest coffee and espresso base drinks but also offers delicious pairing of cakes, bread and sandwiches. 

That day I was running out of time so did not try the cakes. Will come back again when i have more time, I want to try their coffee jelly cake and tiramisu with a cup espresso. Ahhh... blissful.

Café Gino located at the side of the main entrance
At KLCC Isetan Foodmarket main entrance

KLCC Isetan Foodmarket also provide customers with services like Japanese Food Advisor, Wine Advisor, Fish Advisor, Persoanlised Meat-Cutting Service, Free Ice/Dry Ice (fees inccured), Pure Water Vending Machine and Home Delivery services. 


  1. Aaaaaah I miss Isetan so much! Now that it's re-opened, I must go there ASAP! :D All the food looks sooooo good~~

  2. Hi Laura, go there are lots of choices :)


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