MASIF 2011 Bigger, Better, Bolder

MASiF 2011 was back with Bigger, Better, Bolder... and providing a strong, tangible platform for talented Malaysians to shine. MASiF (Music, Arts, Style International Festival) has proven that anything is possible, if people dare to dream big. Rising Stars are important to Malaysians.

MASiF is a unique event specially crafted for a historical day Malaysia Day, to commemorate the richness of music, arts and style (fashion) diversities in Malaysia. Back for its second year, the 3-day music, fashion and style extravaganza was held at KLCC. 

Sneak Peak of MASIF 2011

Welcome speech by the President of MASiF, Ir. Adam Salim, followed by a speech by Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Dato’ Razali Haji Ibrahim, who made way for the string of performers lined-up for the glam-filled evening.

President of MASiF, Ir. Adam Salim

Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Dato’ Razali Haji Ibrahim

MASiF 2011 Launch and PC at MPC Twin Tower

Highlighting Malaysia’s very own talented and successful creative community, MASiF also provides a platform for new and emerging talent to showcase to Malaysians (and the world) their gift, allowing them to shine amongst the best and brightest our country has to offer.

Local singer such as Ella, Stacey AF,  Jamal Abdilah, Noryn Aziz, Atilia and Misha Omar

On the 1st day, the launched event kicked-off at 3pm with a string of performances by local indie acts such as After Life, Brainhead, Produkhatikecewa, Stubborn, Classmates and The Lipz Art Inc, followed by contemporary Malaysian pop stars such as Ella and Jamal Abdillah; traditional ‘gambus’ player, Fauziah Gambus and Narmi, all of whom were supported by the 7-piece PPAG back-up band.  

Local Indie Bands

On the 2nd day theme was “One MASiF”, kicked off at 10am with a slew of Malaysian indie bands performing outdoors such as Azureforjanne and Anamys Affair, followed by Oh Chentaku, Egois, Red Ruby Avengers, Bohemian, Project Alice and Dekya Inc at 3pm. 

The later part of the evening saw performances by local rock chick, Prema Yin, I’m Singles, One Nation Emcee, Fadzly Razman and Tasya Ink, culminating in show-stopping finale befitting the day’s theme by Stacy, Yassin, Melda Ahmad, Atilia, Hafiz (AF) and Azlan & the Typewriter, accompanied by a wayang kulit performance by the Three Theatre Group, a fashion showcase by students from the International Academy of Fashion Design and a showcase by local designers such as Puan Noor Rahan, Aira Couture, Nawal Jazz, Jezmine, Anizam Yusuf, Akmal Ariffin and Salleh Hamid. 

At Petronas Art Galeri

Meet the Celebrities and Artists

Outdoor  Youth Performances

Cultural Performances

The third/final day theme was “Massive MASiF” with more extravaganza shows and performances. Kicked off with a bang by rousing performances courtesy of Malaysia’s top indie bands such as Janitor, Mind Blank, 3Kustik, Happy Siblings, Kid n’ Xera, Friday King Road, Dichi Michi and Skudap Skudip during the first half of the day, followed by Marionexxes, Filipino heartthrob, Randy Pangalila, The Adlys and Treeji, before culminating with a show-stopping performance by Malaysian divas, Misha Omar, Noryn Aziz and Abidah Noor, and special guest performers from Indonesia, Yuni Shara, and Philippine’s pop princess, Amber Davis. 

Outdoor Performances

Outdoor Fashion Shows and Cultural Performances

 Local Indie Bands 

  Me and Adibah Nor

Organizer and Sponsors


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