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Hair is an important asset to the appearance of women and men. The first step in getting and maintaining healthy, long hair is to condition it well and use the proper tools in styling. A good bristle hair brush can help keep the hair smooth, shiny, untangled, reduce breakage and hair drop during brushing. Proper technique is the key when taking care of hair.

The name ‘Protection’ came from the first idea to create a brush that protects the scalp and the hair. This Protection Brush is specifically designed for delicately micro-massaging your scalp to give you a "feel good factor" and great hair.

The Acca Kappa new Protection Brush is made from Reforested Beechwood, with special Nylon Looped bristles, move easily through the hair, effectively detangling the hair without damaging the structure. The looped bristles also gently massage the scalp, stimulating microcirculation which is beneficial to the hair follicals. The Natural Rubber cushion absorbs and distributes the pressure evenly, ensuring a more delicate brushing action on scalp and hair.

Also the widths of the nylon lopped were calculated in order to have the exact size and to help them to go deeply into the hair but still gently to the scalp. The diameter of the nylon was selected with the aim to obtain the correct flexibility of the loop. The biggest difference is the very gentle touch of the nylon lopped comparing to the normal pins and the biggest advantage that you obtain is the stimulation of the microcirculation through the soft massage of the scalp and encouraging the correct moistening of the hair follicles.

Using the Protection brush at least in the morning and before sleeping regularly, would be a healthy way to help the blood circulation of the head and also the back top part of the neck.

Steps and  Tips When Brushing Your Hair 
1. Use a natural-bristled, wood-based brush and start at the ends of the hair first. Brushing your hair with natural bristled-brush can be very nice to your hair and make it healthy and this type of brushes also help to spread your hair products e.g oil on the scalp to the ends. This type of brushes also help to spread your hair products e.g oil on the scalp to the ends.

2. Brush from the bottom and work your way up to prevent catching the brush in any tangles or knots. If hair is straight and/or coarse, a flat-paddle brush is best to smooth it; for fine hair, a round vented brush works best when styling or brushing, as it helps to create volume and body. Place a hand at the roots while brushing ends to prevent pulling too hard.

3. You can massage your hair, remove dirt and products build-up from your hair and also distribute natural oil from your root to all your hair by brushing it. Brushing can stimulate the scalp blood circulation.

4. Brushing your hair gently at night can make it to be a bit shiny in the morning (but you have to also put your hair together).

5. Keep working your way up gently, using caution not to pull too hard. Hair may break or rip out if too much force is used. Use your fingers to help smooth "fly-aways" and static after each stroke.

6. Separate sections for easier brushing. Brush each side and then the back. Let them fall together again and brush to join and prevent gaps. Use long, even strokes, about 5 per section after detangling and increase weekly.

7. Bending over while letting hair fall downward will increase the hair's volume and prevent flatness. Brush the underside starting at the roots and gently pull the brush downwards. Flip hair back up and smooth down with fingers to get rid of frizz and unruly strands.

8. Clean your brush every day to remove all the dirt and oil build-up and you can do this while in the shower (this is applicable if you use your brush daily). Never brush your hair with a dirty brush because the dirt will be deposited back to your hair and this can cause damage to your hair.

Reviews: After hair wash I brush my hair to detangle it. I find that not many hairs dropped compared to other brushes. The nylon lopped heat –sealed to the base of the rubber cushion move easily through the hair since they have the correct height that permits them to have the correct flexibility. It is soft and bendable according to the hair movement. The loop has this shape in order to touch very gently the scalp and to go through the hair easily and avoiding entangling the hair. So less hair falls.

The natural rubber cushion was designed with a correct balance between its sizes and the numbers of the tufts, giving the correct pressure without hurt or pulling the hair roots. I can feel the bristles are massaging my scalp every stroke I brush my hair. I don’t mind brushing more times as its so relaxing and pampering my hair at the same time massaging my scalp. My mini stress relieving session. Hair looks shinny and more volumize.

But this protection brush is not suitable for blow dry and styling curls. For styling purposes, I use Acca Kappa Round Wooden Thermic Brush (Medium) to set my curls.

I think is worth investing in Acca Kappa brushes if you could, because gives you shinny and manageable hair. Reduce hair falls due to breakage or pulling and also bad hair days. Acca Kappa brushes are durable and can last a long time when use it with care. Hair is important to us that why we called it crowning glory.

Price: RM150.00

Acca Kappa Hair Brush Campaign promotion going on at Acca Kappa outlet in 1 Utama and Pavilion from 24 June to 15 Sept 2011. You can purchase a set of any 3 Acca Kappa brushes at RM280 (worth up to RM390). Plus from from 7 July – 7 Aug 2011, it will only cost you RM265 instead of RM280 for 3 brushes with RM15 Cash Voucher C00001 from HERE

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  1. First use,use a natural-bristled,wood-based brush and start at the ends of the hair first.


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