Charles Worthington Balancing Act Shampoo & Conditioner

Charles Worthington Balancing Act
Detox and Balance your hair

Combination hair – an oily scalp plus dry ends - is a challenge for every Malaysian woman. Trying to solve the dryness and might just end up with a greasy hair. Fight against oily scalp can dry out your ends. So how do you solve this tricky and hair dropping problem.

Introducing the Charles Worthington Balancing Act Shampoo and Conditioner; your one stops solution. Balancing Act provides hair with a full detox, naturally resetting oil levels, for thoroughly replenished and stunningly soft hair.

Enriched with white nettle and rice protein, its natural ingredients are known to cleanse thoroughly and rebalance oily and dry zones on your scalp. Just wash your hair with Charles Worthington Balancing Act Shampoo, and then rinse it with warm water. Then just message your head with the Charles Worthington Balancing Act Conditioner and rinse it with cold water and your problems are all gone.

Shampoo and Conditioner
Price: RM29.90 
Content: 250ml

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