Product Review: Lancome Hypnôse Precious Cells Mascara

Lancome Hypnôse Precious Cells Mascara 
the volume revolution for lashes

A mascara which activates an immediate potential of visibly densified, stronger lashes, in better condition. Lash-by-lash volume and spectacular length, as well as visibly denser lashes.

From 28 days, the formula enriched with Lash Densifier Complex visibly regenerates lashes. With a visibly denser fringe, lashes are longer, as though regenerated. Each day, Hypnôse Precious cells reveals lash growth potential: mature lashes preserve their length and optimal thickness, whilst new lashes are more visible.

Led by a panel of 101 women during 4 weeks, a test of self-assessment revealed Hypnôse Precious Cells’ spectacular action on the visible regeneration of lashes.

After using Hypnôse Precious Cells, women perceive:
A more intense make-up result 86%
Lashes are lengthened 90%
Lashes are thickened 79%
Captivating eyes 77%
After 4 weeks, 85% of the women are satisfied with the performance of Hypnôse Precious Cells.

They perceive, after make-up removal:
Lashes in better condition, as regenerated 62%
Protected lashes 62%
Nurtured lashes 69%

In addition, 77% of the women reported a reduced loss of lashes during make-up removal.

Hypnôse Precious Cells contains Complex Lash Densifier, a combination of ultra-successful assets consisting mainly of a plant extract of Malus domestica - already present in the cream formula of Absolue Precious Cells - and capable of restoring the environment of the epidermic stem cells. This cell extract from a specific apple variety, selected for its high resistance, contains a complex association of cellular structural components such as peptides, lipids and sugars that can be assimilated by cells.

Key Ingredients
Madecasoside, an extract of Centella asiatica used in the care hair loss-prevention and known for its efficiency, and Arginine, known to help to re-densify fibers.

Lancôme innovates with a helical brush, specifically developed for Hypnôse Precious Cells’ cream texture. A unique brush to unfurl lash-by-lash volume.

Application: Place the brush on the lash fringe. Let the flat side of the brush glide over the lashes from root to tip in a zigzag movement. After 5 seconds, reapply to boost the volume result.

Color: 01 Densifying Black

Price: RM95

Reviews: My eyes are small plus my lashes are not naturally curl. So I need to use eye lash curlers before I apply my mascara. Overall, I feel that this mascara is easy to apply and glides on. No irritation on my eyes. The good things is that it will not lump up or stick the lashes together. Create Lash-by-lash volume and density. I choose 01 Densifying black to enhance my eyes. After 2 coats, the results, my eyes look awake & open up. This mascara is easy to remove. 

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