Acca Kappa Challenge Kick Start at The Belfry Salon, Tangs Pavilion KL

Hair is now shiner, healthier and my curls are nicely set. 
Wow! my hair looks luscious and volumize. 
Like I just stepped out of the hair salon. 

Acca Kappa was founded as a brush-making company in Treviso, Italy in 1869. The company was created based around three basic principles: simple design, high quality production and natural materials. Known as the finest Italian hair brush makers in the world, Acca Kappa has been manufacturing their products for over 140 years. 

With the strong belief that quality products will sell by themselves, Acca Kappa is a brand of quiet elegance: subtle, alluring yet demure, calm yet strong and with its products rich in flavor and kind in nature, Acca Kappa is truly an innocent beauty in a class of its own.

New! Protection Brush

Acca Kappa has launched its new hair brush in June 2011. This new Protection Brush is specifically designed for delicately micro-massaging your scalp to give you a "feel good factor" and great hair, of course. It is made from Reforested Beechwood, with special Nylon Looped bristles, move easily through the hair, effectively detangling the hair without damaging the structure. 

The looped bristles also gently massage the scalp, stimulating microcirculation which is beneficial to the hair follicals. The Natural Rubber cushion absorbs and distributes the pressure evenly, ensuring a more delicate brushing action on scalp and hair. Protection Brush Price: RM150. 

Today, Acca Kappa carries about over 200 different kinds of brushes and is used by the members of the British royal family and American talk show host Oprah Winfrey. 

Acca Kappa Brushes and Products
Variations of brushes are immense and they meet the different needs of the customers. For instance, that the standard brush you used to comb out your hair every day and every night is not the same one you should be utilizing for a blow-dry. 

Miss Elena Hong, Acca Kappa Brand Manager introducing the new Protection Brush 

The Belfry Salon, Tangs Pavilion, KL
And did you know that some round brushes are made especially for curling the hair, while others are designed to volumize from root to tip?

Mathew Mack (Matt), Creative Director, The Belfry Salon 
We find out the ‘must have’ Acca Kappa hair brushes with some hair tips from Matthew Matt, Creative Director for The Belfry Salon, and have also worked with celebrity, such as Trudie Styler, Stella Tennant, Keeley Hawes, Alison Moyet and Fiona Phillips to name a few.Sharing his experience about haircare, brushes and styling. 

Matt comparing Acca Kappa brushes and normal brushes 
According to Matt, it is worth to invest in Acca Kappa brushes because these brushes can last for about 15 years, give good result, protect and care for your hair.

Hair Demo by Matt  

Amazing result like hair looks glossier and volumize just by using Acca Kappa brushes when you blow dry. Matt also share with us the tips on how to blow dry. 

Miss Sunshine & Matt
Before hairdo

My Hair Analysis
Cuticles ok. Scalp dry. Hair dry. Hair growth ok. 

Well, actually it takes a lot of hard work and time to maintain and mange my hair long permed and colored hair. I am sure if you know what I mean if you have experience the hair like mine. Now I am thinking of should I just cut my hair to short bob… save time and $$$... oh no! sob sob

Aha! When I discovered and use Acca Kappa brushes it helps help to ease my task to maintain my hair. I love Acca Kappa Wooden Thermic Brush Medium and Protection Brush. I tell you why... stay tune

Miss Sunshine & Vincent Lim, Senior Hair Stylist at The Belfry Salon
After my hairdo

Hair Wash

Acca Kappa Shampoo & Conditioner

Blow dry & Styling by Pro

Use Acca Kappa Round Wooden Thermic Brush (medium) RM120
to blow dry and get those curls

Before & After  
look so much different & better ~ awww luv it!

Acca Kappa Brushes available at The Belfry Salon
OMG! I wan all those brushes

Miss Sunshine & Janoah 
concentrating on Matt's hair tips & tricks

Me & Melanie

Miss Sunshine with Chris and Wendy

Check out my experience at The Belfry Salon using Acca Kappa Products HERE
Check out Acca Kappa toothbrushes too (in the picture below)

Now you can purchase a set of any 3 Acca Kappa brushes at RM280 
(worth up to RM390) from 24 June to 15 Sept 2011

You could get additional CASH Voucher HERE!!! 

From 7 July – 7 Aug 2011, you can purchase a set of 3 hair brushes at only RM265 with a this RM15 Cash Voucher 

RM280 - RM15 = ONLY RM265 for 3 brushes 

Remember to PRINT & REDEEM this voucher Code: C00001
Visit Acca Kappa Outlet in 1 Utama and Pavilion KL   
to entitle for the additional RM15 off

This RM15 off is only valid from 7th July till 7th Aug 2011 only
(please read the Terms & Conditions)

For more information please visit my previous blog about Acca Kappa Hair Campaign 
Click HERE

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