INGLOT Launch Party at Inglot Flagship Store, Sunway Pyramid

UPDATES: More informations & FAQ about INGLOT 

INGLOT Launch Party on 29th June 2011 evening at 
Inglot Flagship Store at Sunway Pyramid

Mr.Inglot (in the center) 

The guest checking and trying out Inglot products 

Me testing the Lip Duo ~ i like it

Miss Sunshine loves colors

If you have dry and crack lip you might want to consider trying this

For Face ~ so many types and shades

For your eyes

Pigments ~ awww I want blink-blink shinning 

For my Sexy Nails  

Spotted this color ~ wooo i love it

So may types of Falsies ~ wink wink

Not forgetting their Brushes & Accessories too

How many INGLOT logo in this picture? Look carefully (more than 2)

More informations & FAQ about INGLOT

1. Where is INGLOT from?
INGLOT is an international European brand from Poland.

2. Why the name INGLOT?
It’s the family name of our founder, Mr. Wojtek Inglot.

3. What are the products does INGLOT carry?
INGLOT is a professional makeup store that carries a full range of cosmetics for face, body, eyes, lips and nails. We have the largest color selection (e.g pure pigments colors) in current cosmetics industry.

4. Are INGLOT products hypo-allergenic?
Hypo-allergenic is not a scientific proven term, it’s just a marketing tool that people used. Our products have been tested for allergies in independent labs, hence it’s safe and it’s always advised that customers try on our products before purchasing.

Mr Inglot is a chemist and has full control over all ingredients as 95% of the makeup products are made in his Europe factories. We have a range specifically designed for sensitive skin, the AMC (Advanced Makeup Component) range which is talc free, contains vitamin E which is a natural preservatives so less harsh preservatives go into our products and the AMC range also has treated pigments hence ingredients are treated to make them more skin friendly.

5. Are INGLOT products safe from animal testing?
INGLOT do not test on animals whatsoever, and the animals are groomed for their hair, not slaughtered while harvesting their hair used in our brushes.

6. Where are the INGLOT products made?
95% of our products are all made in Europe, in INGLOT’S state of the art factory.

7. What are the Star Products of INGLOT?
Star Products are our Under Makeup Base, Freedom System and AMC Eyeliner Gel.

8. Does the INGLOT salon here carry the full range of INGLOT products?
We carry the full range with all the colors included, proposed to us by INGLOT headquarters.

9. What are the price points of INGLOT products?
Makeup Base/Foundation/Body range from RM 62 to RM 110
Concealers range from RM 46 to RM 56
Eyes products range from RM 38 to RM 70
Face products (blusher) range from RM 50 to RM 62
Lips products range from RM 20 to RM 62
False Lashes range from RM 44 to RM 64
Brushes (range of natural and synthetic) range from RM 28 to RM 160
Nails products range from RM 12 to RM 62
Freedom System starts from RM 16 for the smallest empty palette and refill starts at RM 22.

10. How does INGLOT compare with other contemporary cosmetics brands?
The only similarity is, we are all professional makeup brands. INGLOT have one of the largest color range on the market and also has a very competitive retail price point. Every brand has it's strengths and our freedom system is definitely ours, giving the customer freedom and flexibility to customize their own palettes to suit their needs.

11. Where else can we get INGLOT products in Malaysia?
INGLOT products are only available at our Sunway Pyramid flagship store. We are constantly looking into exploring further expansions and we will provide the information continuously.

12. Where else can we get INGLOT products in the World?
We have more than 270 stores worldwide and still counting. There are approximately four stores opening each month internationally. We can be found in all the major fashion capitals, like London, New York, Milan. We also have stores in the Middle Eastern countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Croatia etc.

Countries covered:
Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Canada, Croatia, Dubai, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sharjah, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine & USA. 

Inglot products an eye opener for you and me 


  1. I love Inglot!! managed to visit there that time with Jess! im getting it! :D

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