Starbucks Brewing Art for Good: The Bearista Project

Recently, Starbucks Malaysia unveiled "Starbucks Brewing Art for Good: The Bearista Project," in collaboration with talented Malaysia artists, including Deaf and Autistic artists, and creative art students. This exciting initiative elevates the globally beloved collectible Starbucks Bearista — a plush bear dressed in the signature green apron and seasonal costumes, to new heights with a series of life-sized versions crafted with passion and purpose by local talents.

Starbucks Brewing Art for Good: The Bearista Project Launch at Pavilion Damansara Heights

Starbucks has always strived to be more than just a coffee company. Actively supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, it has pioneered projects such as the world’s first Starbucks Signing Store in Malaysia, providing job opportunities and enrichment to the Deaf community. Now, Starbucks shines a spotlight on local creative talents through this project. This initiative is a celebration brewing together two passions that enriches lives, art and coffee.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary in Malaysia, these life-sized Bearista showcase 25 unique designs, each reflecting the vibrant scene of Malaysia’s diverse states and the brand’s growth across the country. Launched recently at Pavilion Damansara Heights on 22 June, the project unveiled 12 life-sized Bearista, with more to join the lineup by December 2024. Hand-painted by the local talents, these life-sized Bearista will be showcased at selected Starbucks stores throughout Malaysia.

In addition, Starbucks introduced their limited-edition series of mini-Bearista, available as ‘blind box’ collectibles in all Starbucks stores for RM25 each. These mini-Bearista reflect the same designs as the life-sized versions, offering extra exposure to the artists and inviting customers to participate in a meaningful campaign where part of the proceeds will be channeled to a good cause.

At the launch event, Starbucks unveiled the first three mini-Bearista, featuring designs by Deaf artists Lim Anuar and Deudney Anak Richard, and Autistic illustrator, Luqman Hakim. The mini-Bearista will be available in all Starbucks stores starting 25 June, with new designs released monthly, until December 2024.

“We are truly honored to work with these incredible artists. We hope this platform brings their masterpiece the global recognition it truly deserves,” said Dato’ Sydney Quays, Group CEO of Berjaya Food Berhad and Managing Director of Berjaya Starbucks.

Dato’ Sydney also announced that part of the proceeds from the mini-Bearista sales will be given back to the artists and also donated to a Gaza humanitarian fund championed by MERCY Malaysia. “We are devastated by the ongoing atrocities in Gaza and hope this contribution helps deliver aid to innocent lives there,” he added.

The full contribution is targeted for donation to MERCY Malaysia's Palestine Relief Fund by January 2025. This humanitarian relief initiative is in addition to the RM1,000,000 contributed by the company in October through Tabung Amanah Kemanusiaan Rakyat Palestine (AAKRP), driven by the Malaysian Government.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Starbucks Malaysia has also launched an exclusive webpage, served as a one-stop-center for all their anniversary activities and offerings including the Brewing Art For Good: The Bearista Project, artists’ profiles and video interviews, special merchandise, and more! Visit for the latest updates.

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