The Color and 5 Other Signs Your Car’s Oils Need to Be Changed

Frequent oil changes ensure engine longevity and smooth operation. While intervals may vary with time, some drivers aren’t sure when to go in for service —and their cars pay the price.

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The contaminants in dirty engine oil clog air filters, and unfiltered oil causes additional wear and tear on engine components. As oil ages, it loses its lubricating ability, and engines wear more quickly. Look for these signs that your car needs an oil change waxahachie and call us for an appointment.

A Darker Color

Motor oil gathers particles as it circulates, gradually turning dark. If you rarely check it, you won’t notice the change—but your car will. Check the oil by turning the engine off and removing the dipstick. Wipe the oil from the dipstick with a paper towel, then reinsert the stick before removing it and checking it for oil quantity and color. If your car’s oil is dark, feels grainy, or is below the mark, schedule an oil change immediately.

Excessive Noise

Oil is the lifeblood of an engine, and it keeps moving parts from hitting each other. When the oil is contaminated, however, it loses its lubricating ability. An engine with dirty oil may make more noise as its parts no longer glide smoothly against one another.

Too Much Smoke

Today’s cars and trucks don’t make much exhaust, and the little they produce is nearly translucent. If your vehicle puts out thick and excessive smoke, check the oil and change it if needed.

Burning Smells

Does the inside of your car smell like burning oil? If it does, it’s past time for an oil change. Oil keeps the engine’s hundreds of moving parts cool, and when there’s not enough, the chances of overheating increase.

The smell of burning oil may indicate an oil leak, which is a serious problem requiring immediate attention. If you smell something burnt, schedule service right away.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Some vehicles have warning lights that blink when it’s time for an oil change, while others have check engine lights that do the same. If your oil or check engine light is blinking, check the oil level first. Alternatively, an automotive service technician will know what to look for when determining whether engine problems are oil-related.

Lower Fuel Economy

As oil gets dirtier, it gets thicker and moves slower. Your car’s engine will work harder to move the viscous oil through its internals, using more fuel. With regular oil changes, you’ll protect your engine, use less fuel, and save money at the pump.

What’s the Right Oil Change Schedule for My Vehicle?

When it comes to scheduling oil changes, there’s no universal answer. Every make and model’s specifications are different. It’s important to choose the right oil and service interval for your SUV, car, or truck. Our team knows cars—and we’ll use that knowledge to help keep you on the road. Call or click for an appointment.

Change Your Oil and Protect Your Vehicle

Are you unsure whether your vehicle needs service? If there’s any uncertainty, our team can inspect it, check its oil, and change it if necessary. Learn more about our automotive services online or call to book an appointment for an oil change and a comprehensive check-up.

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