UNIQLO Thank You Festival Kanshasai

Celebrating four decades of success, global apparel retailer UNIQLO Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Thank You Festival, offering an enticing opportunity for shoppers. From May 24th to June 3rd, UNIQLO delights customers with exclusive limited-time discounts on Malaysia's Favourite items, featuring iconic core t-shirts and a comprehensive range of Sports Utility Wear.

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UNIQLO Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Thank You Festival

Since UNIQLO's inception on 2nd June, 1984, with the opening of its inaugural store in Japan, UNIQLO has grown to become a beloved brands worldwide, with over 2,400 stores across the globe. This remarkable journey has been fuelled by UNIQLO's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The UNIQLO Thank You Festival (Kanshasai) is a cherished tradition, symbolizing the brand's deep appreciation for its loyal patrons. As a token of gratitude, UNIQLO unveils special offers, exciting gifts, and more during this festive period, inviting customers to celebrate alongside them and partake in the joyous occasion. 

In addition to the exclusive discounts, customers can explore a range of novelty items available exclusively in stores throughout the festival period, offering a unique opportunity to discover new favorites and elevate their wardrobe with the latest trends and innovations from UNIQLO.

For more information about UNIQLO Thank You Festival and to explore the complete range of offerings, please visit www.uniqlo.com/my

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