Guardian #IYKYK Beauty with 76 Trendsetting Brands

Guardian  #IYKYK Beauty is back with 76 Trendsetting BrandsThis expansion reaffirms guardian's commitment to offering cutting-edge beauty products to its customers, providing them with an unparalleled selection of the latest and most coveted brands that have that taken the online world by storm, racking up explosive sales and becoming the talk of the industry. 

Anna Hull, front row, 3rd from right at the launch of the extended guardian #IYKYK Beauty range

Since its inception in January 2024, the #IYKYK Beauty category has garnered tremendous success, reflecting the growing demand for innovative and trendsetting beauty products. 

Anna Hull, Commercial Director at guardian Malaysia, expressed her enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, "With the #IYKYK Beauty category, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in showcasing emerging beauty trends in Malaysia. By collaborating with social media platforms and content creators, we have successfully curated a collection of sensational brands that have captured the attention of online beauty enthusiasts nationwide." 

Anna Hull, front row, 3rd from right at the launch of the extended guardian #IYKYK Beauty range

Anna remarked, "The overwhelming response to the #IYKYK Beauty category underscores our belief in the importance of making these sensational online brands accessible to our customers, both online and in-store." 
A trendy Street Style fashion wear show by Aqma Deen at the #IYKYK launch

The #IYKYK Beauty category is designed to spotlight brands that have captivated online audiences, generating buzz on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. By bringing these brands into all guardian stores nationwide, the company aims to provide customers with direct access to the products that have dominated online conversations. 

Guardian launches 34 new Trendsetting brands at #IYKYK Beauty

The expansion encompasses six distinct areas within the #IYKYK Beauty category:

1. Trending Beauty

2. Clean Beauty

3. Gentle To Skin

4. MY Beauty

5. Glass Skin

6. Glowing Inside Out 

In the Clean Beauty space, guardian now has 13 brands, while 14 brands will be available in the Gentle To Skin segment.  Additionally, six new brands will be featured in the Trending Beauty category, along with six brands for Glass Skin and 14 brands for Glowing Inside Out.  Furthermore, 12 new made-in-Malaysia brands will complement the existing 11 brands already available. 

Anna emphasized guardian's commitment to staying at the forefront of global beauty trends and ensuring that customers have access to the latest innovations at competitive prices. 

“guardian is now your go-to destination for everything that's making waves in the beauty care space. The #IYKYK Beauty category will be regularly updated with new brands introduced on a timely basis, ensuring customers stay informed about the latest online beauty trends. And this is what we have done,” Anna said. 

Customers can explore the #IYKYK Beauty section both in physical stores and online through the Guardian webpage or app. The section will offer a wealth of resources, including Beauty Tips and Trends videos, brand features, product details, special offers, and more, all tailored to showcase the featured #IYKYK beauty brands. 

Guardian #IYKYK Beauty with 76 Trendsetting Brands 

Guardian remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-tier health and beauty products to customers at the best value, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the latest beauty trends with confidence and convenience. 

For more information, please visit guardian’s website or download the guardian app. 

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