UNIQLO & JW ANDERSON Spring Summer 2024 Collection

UNIQLO launch of the 2024 Spring/Summer UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collection beginning on Friday, April 19. Inspired by mid-century British craftsmanship and its emphasis on quality materials and functionality, the 24SS Collection combines the thoughtfulness of UNIQLO LifeWear, designed with life’s needs in mind, with the playful spirit of JW ANDERSON.

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UNIQLO & JW ANDERSON Spring/Summer 2024 Collection 

Commenting on the collection, designer Jonathan Anderson said, “For this season we drew inspiration from the 1940s through 1960s Britain to showcase garment craftsmanship and durability. I hope that people appreciate this modern take on classic pieces in everyday living.”

A homage to mid-century artistry

Women's knit polo shirts, crew-neck sweaters, and seersucker dresses in simple, bold primary colors recall the work of traditional British furniture designs. The stylishly rough, washed-out men's Dry pique T-Shirt offers a stunning graphic texture inspired by textile craftsmen.

Featuring fabrics that enhance comfort 

The women's linen-blend shirts offer a smooth feel and feature intricate stitching and embroidery details. Made from moderately sheer cotton, the Cotton Sheer Voluminous Blouse features a silhouette adorned with a bow and cuffs. For men, the cotton jacket is tailored for a relaxed fit. When paired with the unisex baker pants, these pieces highlight natural textures, offering a stylish coordination as a complementary ensemble.

UNIQLO Spring Summer 2024, Uniqlo JW ANDERSON Spring Summer 2024 Collection, Uniqlo, fashion


Prices (including tax)


Prices (including tax)


RM 249.90 – 299.90


RM 129.90 – 149.90


RM 199.90

Knitwear and shirts

RM 79.90 – 149.90


RM 79.90


RM 14.90 – 149.90


Launch:      Friday, April 19

Lineup:       9 items for women and 8 for men and 2 accessory items

Availability:  The full lineup will be available at selected stores and through uniqlo.com

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