Male Entrepreneur Builds Beauty Empire on Shopee Live

Mikaseries, the brainchild of Shopee Celebrity Squad member Zoey Rahman, has thrived for six years on the Shopee platform, rooted in entrepreneurship, innovation, and inclusivity. Inspired by his experience as an artist observing the demand for long-lasting makeup solutions in the film industry, Zoey leveraged the dynamic capabilities of Shopee Live to transform the beauty and cosmetics shopping experience, dispelling misconceptions and championing diversity in the industry.

Mikaseries_ founder, Zoey Rahman livestreaming on Shopee Live

Mikaseries debuted in 2018 alongside Zoey's induction into the Shopee Celebrity Squad. Despite the challenges inherent in entering a competitive market, Zoey received invaluable support from Shopee as he navigated his e-commerce journey.

"Shopee Live has truly been transformative," Zoey reflected. "It's not just about showcasing products; it's about fostering meaningful dialogue and empowering consumers to make informed choices. Through interactive sessions, I've had the opportunity to address concerns, highlight product benefits, and champion the message that beauty knows no gender. Mikaseries embodies more than just cosmetics; it's about embracing individuality, promoting skincare as a priority, and making beauty fun and accessible for everyone."

He continued, "During Shopee’s sales campaigns like 11.11 and 12.12, Shopee Live helps me tap into increased user activity, drawing more viewers to my sessions. Initiatives like exclusive Shopee Live vouchers and Shopee Coins further amplify their excitement, driving traffic to these events. The platform's interactive features seamlessly complement Shopee's real-time customised shopping suggestions, significantly boosting Mikaseries’ conversion rates. Thanks to Shopee Live, we have experienced remarkable upticks in viewership, growth, and sales."

Leveraging the power of Shopee Live, Mikaseries has seamlessly integrated live streaming into its marketing strategy, nurturing deeper connections with customers and fostering a sense of community. The brand maximises Shopee Live with three daily sessions, each lasting two hours, sometimes personally hosted by Zoey. This engagement builds strong connections with customers, enhancing the brand's reputation and driving sales.

Mikaseries also benefited from Shopee's comprehensive support system, including resources like Shopee University and Seller Education Hub. These channels provided essential seller education, equipping Mikaseries and others with the necessary skills to excel in the competitive e-commerce landscape. By leveraging these resources and tools, Zoey successfully navigated the challenges of the cosmetics industry and established Mikaseries as a reputable brand on the Shopee platform.


Mikaseries prides itself on offering inclusive beauty solutions suitable for all genders. Its signature product, the saffron-infused serum, MIKA ULTRA SERUM - BOOSTER, sold over 4,700 on Shopee, is meticulously formulated to combat free radicals, promote skin rejuvenation and healing, and hydrate the skin for a radiant complexion. Additionally, Mikaseries makeup, such as the popular Mikadation foundation, with over 15,000 units sold on Shopee, offers lightweight and versatile solutions suitable for both men and women, whether they opt for a heavier or lighter application.

In line with its unwavering commitment to continual growth and innovation, Mikaseries extends its offerings beyond beauty products, as showcased by its recent foray into fashion with the debut of Mikawear's Indra Exclusive at Shopee inaugural #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion show on 5 March.

During the livestreamed fashion event, watched by over 70,000 viewers across Malaysia, Mikaseries unveiled its Mikawear’s Indra Exclusive Raya Collection featuring Baju Melayu Indra and innovative instant Sampin Indra, inspired by a fusion of modern elegance and traditional heritage. These contemporary interpretations of classic silhouettes incorporate the classic ‘cekak musang’ neckline with innovative hidden buttons for added convenience and versatility.

"What better way for me to introduce my new venture to the world than through Shopee Live events? I trust the platform's interactive nature, coupled with its extensive user base and campaign-driven initiatives, which has been instrumental in driving growth and fostering lasting connections with consumers,” remarked Zoey.

Mikaseries’s Baju Melayu Indra paired with Sampin Indra showcased during #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion show

Headquartered in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Mikaseries boasts a passionate team of eleven and a loyal following of over 109,000 Shopee fans. With plans to continue expanding its product range and reaching 200 physical stores by year-end, Mikaseries continues to redefine beauty and style for all.

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