Interwoven Realities Exhibition at HARTA

The ‘Interwoven Realities’ Exhibition at HARTA, a group exhibition that examines the Intersection of Realities and The Blurring of Boundaries. Since its opening in August 2023, HARTA, which stands for HABIB: Action for the Revival of our Traditions and Arts, has continuously championed the preservation, education, and open dialogue of Malaysian heritage and culture. 

Interwoven Realities Exhibition at HARTA, HARTA, Habib, Lifestyle
One of the artwork presented at HARTA Interwoven Realities Exhibition, Shapeshifters by Xeem Noor, The ‘Interwoven Realities’ Exhibition at HARTA

From regular exhibits in the art gallery to the extraordinary heritage jewellery museum, HARTA often hosts events, talks (free for the public to attend) and workshops that highlight Malaysian traditions, with ongoing collaborations with schools, universities, and cultural institutions to further nurture knowledge and awareness within the community.

Interwoven Realities Exhibition at HARTA, HARTA, Habib, Lifestyle
The ‘Interwoven Realities’ Exhibition at HARTA 

Recently, HARTA presents Interwoven Realities, a group exhibition featuring 32 talented artists, each bringing a unique perspective on the intricate tapestry of existence. The exhibition, which opens 18th April until 11th May 2024 at HARTA, is a mesmerising display of artistic expression that examines the intersection of different realities and the blurring of boundaries.

Interwoven Realities Exhibition at HARTA, HARTA, Habib, Lifestyle
Dato' Sri Meer and Datin Sri Zarida with some guests at HARTA Interwoven Realities Event

Within HARTA’s walls, Interwoven Realities invites you to discover the myriad ways in which our world is shaped and connected through the lens of artistic vision. Encounter pieces of art in diverse styles and mediums that reflect the multifaceted nature of our shared reality and transport yourself beyond the confines of everyday perception. 

Interwoven Realities Exhibition at HARTA, HARTA, Habib, Lifestyle
From left_ Lim Ming Guang (Jakob van Klang), Danielle Lin, Xeem Noor and Adam Ummar (Univorso), some of the talented artists presented at HARTA Interwoven Realities Exhibition

Interwoven Realities is curated by fine art consultant, Sarah Abu Bakar, with a mix of 32 artists including established and emerging names such as Anniketyni Madian, ⁠Nor Tijan Firdaus, ⁠Fazrin Abdul Rahman, Nini Marini, ⁠Agnes Lau, ⁠Alicia Lau, ⁠Cheong Tuck Wai, ⁠Anas Afandi, ⁠Cheong See Min, Ang Xia Yi and Kimberly Boudville.

“Since the beginning, HARTA has been steadfast in its commitment as a platform that celebrates Malaysian heritage and artistry, so we are extremely excited to present Interwoven Realities, our biggest exhibition yet,” shared Mirsham Meer, the Director behind HARTA. "We hope visitors immerse themselves in the stunning realm of these 32 exceptional artists and find new perspectives within this exhibition," Mirsham added.

Interwoven Realities illuminates the complex tapestry of existence through 7 compelling thematic narratives woven by the artists:

Abstraction: Where form dissolves into essence

Digital Art: The convergence of technology and creativity

Figurative: The depths of human experience

Geometric Lines: The harmony of tradition, materiality, and introspection

Sculptures: Manifesting artistic vision in 3D

Text-based Art: The fusion of semantics and graphics

Textile, Fibre and Alternative Art: The curation of emotive expressions 

To date, HARTA has curated exhibitions such as "OPEN HOUSE", its debut presentation which delved into the multi-faceted nature of domestic places; “There Will Be Dragons in My Future Dreams,” an exhibition by digital artist, Chong Yan Chuah, which transformed the space into an immersive exhibition with video, music and scents. Most recently, HARTA exhibited “10 Years’ Journey in the Art of Islamic Calligraphy” by Islamic Calligraphy Artist, Husin Hourmain.

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