How Much Money Can You Save by Going Solar?

There are many reasons to switch to solar. Some benefits of solar energy include reduced carbon emissions, utilizing a source of energy that is renewable, and the increase of jobs. So, it’s really no surprise that states like California are now requiring newly-built homes to have solar panels equipped.

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The latter benefits aside, one of the most popular reasons for going solar is the cost savings each month. Everyone loves a way to save some bucks! But just how much money can one save, you might ask? Find out below.

The Money Saved by Going Solar Depends on Many Factors

As much as you might want specific numbers regarding your monetary savings if you switch to solar, it’s a lot more complicated than that. What we can provide you, however, is an average number of savings. Annually, homeowners are expected to save around $1,530 on their energy bills when going solar.

Factors that come into play include the number of panels you have installed, the panels’ efficiency, the type of panels you have installed, and prices for power in your local area. Other determining factors also include the size and shape of your roof, the sun-to-shade ratio on your roof, your average power usage, and the overall weather in your area.

In the end, it’s obvious that a plethora of factors are involved in estimating your costs of switching to solar, and thus, will determine your overall savings. That said, all one can do is estimate their projected savings based on their specific circumstances.

Incentives for Going Solar

For those who recently got solar panels installed, there are typically federal and/or state programs you can qualify for to get incentives back as a thank-you from the government for switching to solar. Not to mention, there may be tax breaks for those with solar panels.

So, this means that you’re not only saving money each month on your energy bills, but you can also take advantage of additional perks from the government!

Is Solar Worth it Financially?

While, yes, there are costs associated with solar panels in terms of paying for the panels themselves (either via renting or buying), getting the panels installed, as well as maintaining the panels, in the end, many homeowners would say it’s worth it in the end. The main question to ask yourself right now is: can you afford to rent or buy the panels?

Are you interested in getting solar installed the cheapest way possible? Eliminate the middleman with a solar kit. This way, you can reap the benefits of solar quickly and easily, all while having as few upfront costs as possible.


It’s evident that there are opportunities to save by switching to solar. However, the exact number of savings will vary from one person to the next as there are different factors that come into play. In the end, solar is usually the more financially sound option. Not to mention, solar has more benefits than its standard electricity counterpart.

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