How To Get Your Louis Vuitton Items Checked

Like any brand, Louis Vuitton has a huge online presence. As one of the more recognizable fashion brands on the market, it is only natural that it sees a lot of fakes and forgeries, including many attempts to directly copy or rip off products that you might have your eye on.

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If you already own any number of Louis Vuitton items, there is always a chance that at least one is not the real deal. No matter how close it looks, a fake is still a fake, and sometimes, it can be important to get proof that you are wearing the genuine article instead of a cheap re-creation. But how do you prove it?

Why Does Authentication Matter?

When you buy a fake, you lose any guarantee of quality or consistency compared to the real brand. While this might not sound all that important for small things, it can really matter in the long term - for example, materials not lasting nearly long enough or clothing not being nearly as comfortable as it is supposed to be.

No matter how accurate a fake product might look compared to its real counterpart, fakes are never a one-to-one comparison, and quality differences will always be present. It could be something as small as a cheaper set of similar materials or something as major as the original product's selling points not even being included.

There is also the status element. If you are buying a top-tier branded product for the status it offers, you want to know it is a real one. Not only does this mean greater confidence in yourself, but it is also a guarantee that it will not suddenly fall apart due to cheaper construction or materials.

How To Verify Your Louis Vuitton Products

If you have Louis Vuitton products, the best way to check whether they are authentic or fake is to send them in for professional authentication. There are various services - such as this LV authentication service at Legit Grails - that make this process an extremely hassle-free verification method.

While different services will offer their own distinct ways of handling these checks, many of them rely on experts who understand both the brand and the less obvious signs of a fake product. This allows them to provide quick and certain authentication results, usually with high levels of accuracy, to ensure as few misidentified fakes as possible.

Working with LV experts is usually the best option for authenticating Louis Vuitton products. While an obvious fake can be easy to spot, an accurate counterfeit can require some work and knowledge of the brand's production and design processes.

If you're worried about your high-end products being fakes, it can be a good idea to get them authenticated. The service is often fairly cheap and entirely hands-off, meaning you don't have to worry about doing anything more than sending the product and waiting for results.

Remember: you can own something for months without realizing that it's a fake. Sometimes a fake can look almost identical to the real thing - at least until you get help from a professional who understands the design process, materials and techniques that the original brand uses.

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