5 Tips for Preventing and Managing Rodent Infestations in Urban Areas

Rodent infestations are a threat no matter where you live. These days, rodents seem as comfortable in the city as they do in more rural settings. In fact, they may be even happier in urban areas because they have so many food sources and places to hide. They can create a hassle for the humans they're living with, though. Fortunately, it's possible to manage and potentially even prevent rodent infestations in urban areas. Keep the following five tips in mind to help keep rodents at bay.

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1) Professional Intervention

One of the best ways to eliminate rodent infestations is to work with Residential Pest Control specialists. These experts can get rid of rodents if they're already trying to take over. They have a variety of safe, effective methods for dealing with infestations. They can also offer advice for deterring rodents based on your unique situation. They'll inspect your home, determine why rodents find it so inviting, and recommend ways to discourage them from moving in.

2) Take Away Food Sources

Rodents are attracted to readily available food sources. There are plenty of those in the city, and some of them may be right there in your home. Food left open on people's countertops and in cabinets draw in rodents. Pet food attracts them as well. Leaving out food draws rodents into your home along with all the dangers they pose. Be sure to keep all your food in sealed containers, and don't leave pet food out for rodents to snack on.

3) Seal Entry Points

Rodents are on a constant search for comfortable places to make their homes. Human homes and businesses offer just what they're looking for: shelter and warmth. They can squeeze into the tiniest of crevices to get inside homes and buildings. In many cases, those gaps aren't immediately obvious to people, but rodents know how to find them and take advantage of them. Sealing any potential entry points keeps them out. Pest control experts can help with that. They know what types of openings rodents look for and how to fix them.

4) Keep Trash Under Control

Trash makes great food sources for rodents. When we throw food out, rodents see it as a feast. In urban areas, everything from residential trash cans to commercial dumpsters can be a smorgasbord. Homeowners should keep their trash bagged and in tightly sealed bins if possible. Businesses need to be sure their trash is picked up and disposed of on a regular schedule. In businesses, apartment buildings, and public places, common areas should be kept clean. Keeping trash where it belongs can help keep rodents where they belong.

5) Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic pest repellers can go a long way toward thwarting urban pest infestations as well. These devices emit high-pitched frequencies that disturb rodents and other pests. As such, they drive away those invaders. Humans can't hear them, so they're not disruptive to us. Experts insist that these devices don't cause cats and dogs undue stress, either.

Keeping Rodents Under Control

Rodents are attracted to urban areas where they have ample food and shelter to take advantage of. Taking away potential food sources and keeping trash under control can help deter them. Sealing off entry points and using ultrasonic pest repellers can further ward off infestations. In addition to those measures, working with professional pest control specialists gives you even more control over rodent invasions.

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