5 Simple Details that will Transform your House into a Home

A house is a house until you make it a home, but you do not have a home without vital details - details that elevate the house from a living space to a home and stir up calming feelings that help anyone find rest. The first detail is the homeowner, then the welcoming aesthetic, which this article is about. Here, you will find five simple details to transform your house into a home.

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Let the Flooring Speak

There are several flooring options to consider, but finishing your home with hardwood flooring is a decision that can change your house into a home. Hardwood flooring is beautiful to look at and step on. It also stands the test of time.

According to Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply consultants, "With proper polishing and maintenance, wood floors look new every day." 

To keep your wood floor well maintained, clean up spills immediately to prevent long-lasting stains. Clean your hardwood floors by mopping them with a wet mop twice a month. Use the recommended hardwood floor cleaner on the whole floor once a month to keep it in good shape. Put a new protective finish on the floor every three to five years to make it look new. Keep your pet's nails trimmed so they don't harm the floor. Also, avoid very high or very low humidity to protect your hardwood floor. Most importantly, do not use oil-based polish since it can cause harm and diminish the gloss. It can also make the floor slippery and cause accidents.

Choosing and maintaining wood floors is essential for a successful home transformation and contributes to the overall warmth of your living space.

Make the Entrance Beautiful

The first welcome into a home is the entryway. Depending on the size, you can add some decor to the entryway. Hang a frame or two of your family, pet, a favorite memory, or an art piece. Decorate with plants and lighting to give a cozy feel. Keep your entryway clean and organized to create a welcoming first impression. 

Clean and Declutter Often

One of the biggest things that make up a home is cleanliness. No house will ever appeal to anyone if it is dirty. However, it may be as clean as a whistle but still feel choked up due to the clutter.

You may have so much stuff you don't know what to do with them, or maybe you are bad at storing your items. The solution is to declutter.

Garage sales are a great way to give out things you don't need and get something in return. You can also donate some to a homeless shelter. If you want to keep some items for yourself, create cabinets and arrange them neatly.

Cleaning and decluttering help boost mental health, making people feel more at home. 

Add Some Warmth

Add plushies, throw pillows, blankets, and anything your friends, family, and even you can slowly sink into after a stressful day. The soft feel on the skin can be soothing, which makes you comfortable and happy to be home. This is the one interior design trend that people skip. Consider selecting plushies in varying textures and colors to blend in with your furniture and add a touch of personalized charm. 

Optimise for Functionality

In seeking to declutter, you may want to put away everything, but you don't have to. For example, if you have a video game console, let it be in view, with the controllers placed carefully around it.

Another example is your kitchen utensils. The urge to put away your dishes and cooking spoons is usually strong. Let them be a part of your home design instead. Let everything you use be within reach so you don't feel like you live in a store. Use labels, colorful jars, and fancy shelving to keep the stuff you regularly use within reach.

In your living room, consider open shelving units that display your favorite books, art pieces, or decorative items while providing easy access. For functional furniture, explore coffee tables with built-in storage or ottomans that double as discreet containers. 

Don't Leave your Walls Plain

Not everyone is artsy, but we all have memories captured in photographs. Instead of letting them sit in your photobooks or gadgets, frame them and hang them up. 

That one time you won the junior marathon in middle school, that one time you gave the valedictorian speech at elementary school, or that one family trip you will never forget. Frame these memories and hang them on your walls.

If you don't have memories worth framing, frame pictures of your loved ones. Those people who care about your life's goals and dreams, without whose existence you feel ordinary.

A home is where you return to rest and bask in a loving atmosphere.

Seeing the things, memories, and people you love on your walls creates that atmosphere. Do not leave your walls empty. 

As you work to transform your living space, remember that the heart of a home lies in the thoughtful details that make it uniquely yours. 

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