Guardian & Nivea Bring Joy To Children at Suriana Education Centres at Desa Mentari & Desa Ria

Recently, NIVEA in a joint collaboration with Guardian Malaysia, has successfully completed a major refurbishment programme on two community education centres run by the NGO, Suriana Welfare Society.

Guardian & Nivea Bring Joy To Children at Suriana Education Centres at Desa Mentari & Desa Ria 

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refurbishment project, aptly named “Share The Care, You Buy, We Donate” was a result of a campaign that NIVEA and Guardian ran that raised RM50,000 to cover the refurbishments cost of two education centres.

During the campaign period from 2 October to 31 October 2023, every RM50 and above worth of NIVEA products purchased in a single receipt, RM2 will be donated to this CSR project.  

The two education centres run by the Suriana Welfare Society, is aimed at empowering urban poor children through holistic education and by fortifying caregivers-parents synergy via continuous engagements. Providing a safe area to educate both the children and parents is part of Suriana’s purpose of “Community Transformation Through Education”.  

Anna Hull, Commercial Director, Guardian Malaysia said: “We are very happy to collaborate with NIVEA Malaysia on this particular CSR refurbishment project to help the 91 children of Desa Mentari in PJ and Desa Ria in Kuala Lumpur.  The Suriana Education Centres were in need of repairs and renovations to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for the children to study and learn. We hope with these refurbished centres, Suriana can take in more children as there is a long waiting list.”   

Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager, Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore, said: “NIVEA is proud to be part of this meaningful and important project that is also in line with our CSR purpose to “Care Beyond Skin”.  We hope that the project will continue to have an impact on children of the urban poor, and I would like to congratulate Suriana Welfare Society for their important charitable work that they have been doing so far. Our heartfelt thanks also to Guardian Malaysia, who graciously partnered with us on this project and to all our loyal NIVEA consumers who have contributed to this impactful project,” he concluded.

The refurbishments completed at Desa Ria education centre include:

1. Installation of a Closed Circuit TV system (CCTV)

2. New floor tiling in the hall

3. New water pipe system

4. New wall and ceiling fans

5. New coat of paint 

While at the Desa Mentari education centre, the refurbishments included:

1. A new pantry and storeroom

2. Replace piping in the toilets, taps and sinks

3. Installation of shelving and whiteboards and a shoe rack with lock at the entrance

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