Karma is Real

Well, it’s almost come to end of the year, I sat down and spent some quality time with myself to review what are ups and downs for this year. As you know for me self-care is utmost important, I need this kind of quality time to discover myself, what really matters. Sometimes, we think we know what we want but deep down there are so many uncertainties… why? why? How about you? Do you spend quality time with yourself? I mean just you and yourself.

Back to my yearly review, as a human I admit I make a few mistakes that I should not. Who doesn't? I knew it but somehow was done unintentionally. I questioned myself about this a few times, when I look at a bigger perspective this mistake is not like a huge or really bad one but its irritating. Always the small things… hmm.

Anyway, now I have to bear the consequences, take it as a lesson. Remind myself to talk less coz some people usually those around us will twist our words and use it for the advantage or worst to sabotage us. I know who did it coz eventually the words will come back to me. 

I choose to let it go; no point confront coz I have a better plan for this person. I don’t want to waste my time, I don’t to waste my effort to teach people. Its tiring… the best thing is buat tak tau, sit back, relax, and wait to watch the show. 

Its human habit, the same person who did this to me, will repeat and do it on others as well. Let others teach that person a lesson and I shall watch the show.  Karma is real… I shall wait and see what happens next. 

If this happens to you, how would you respond to it? Think twice before you act… Meantime, move on, be a better person, don’t repeat the same mistake again and don’t waste time on nonsense issue or people. There are so many beautiful things and people in this world. 

Everyday most of us are so busy busy busy at the end we don’t realize that time past so fast, we might be depriving ourselves. Sit down think about what you want in life. Do spend quality with yourself, you will discover more…  

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